Sunday, 12 May 2019

Burger Heaven at Byron

It's not often I crave a burger but when I do, Byron Burgers always come up top trumps with their killer menu and succulent choices. When the burger cravings are high, I need the juiciest, dirtiest burger possible and you can guarantee that Byron will hit the spot for me. 

We spent Friday at Byron Southampton to taste a few dishes off the menu and possibly the best Oreo Cheesecake I have ever had the pleasure of eating. 

I hope you're not too hungry because you're going to be drooling by the end of this post...

Byron is a relatively new discovery for us, it opened in Southampton a couple of years ago but it was one place we hadn't got round to trying yet. Last month, they launched a new kids menu filled with roarsome delights and we were invited in for a fun packed day with Joshua. There were dinosaurs, face paints and lots of T-Rex fun and they were so incredibly attentive when it came to Joshua's dairy allergy that we had to go back. 

We decided Arran's birthday was the perfect time to do so, so armed with our voucher we were given we rocked up for a burger filled lunch as a family. We were greeted with huge smiles once again and Tom, the manager talked us through the menu again as well as explaining any allergen queries we had. He was just so lovely that we could've all stood talking for ages but there were burgers to be eaten! 

For Joshua, we ordered from the Mini Byron menu as for £6.50 you get a main, side and a drink. He had the Mini Classic which is a beef patty with lettuce and tomato served in a brioche bun with salad sticks on the side as well as sweet potato fries. It's a great little deal, more than enough food and he loved it! 

Joshua's meal came out with our While You Wait dishes which make great starters! We ordered Halloumi Fries with smoked BBQ sauce as well as the Mac & Cheese Balls with Buffalo glaze, Byron Cheese sauce, spring onions, bacon. 

The halloumi fries were fab, I really think Byron do the best halloumi fries out there.

The Mac & Cheese Balls looked amazing and they were yummy but they had quite a kick to them and I'm a sensitive soul so I could only handle one. It was just a bit too much flavour for me which sounds like such a silly complaint but honesty is the best policy right?!

I'm sure one of you will tell me my taste buds were having an off day and to give them another go!

Now... Burgers. I feel like if you don't go all out at Byron, did you even go to Byron?!

I ordered the Big Smoke - a beef patty, pulled BBQ beef brisket, bacon, mature Cheddar, crispy onions, lettuce, pickles and smoked chilli BBQ sauce housed in a sweet bun served with fries or salad. It was pretty special, cooked medium the burger is then layered until you have the majestic beauty above to enjoy. It was succulent, full of flavour and I would order it again in a heartbeat. 

Arran went for the BBQ Chicken, buttermilk fried chicken breast, mature Cheddar, BBQ sauce, beer onions, crispy onions, American mustard. I looked incredible and he loved it! He's tried the BBQ Chicken and the C-Rex now so he'll soon be my resident chicken burger connoisseur. 

After really enjoyable starters and mains, we weren't going to try one of the desserts but when we heard the Oreo Cheesecake was baked in store then we had to try it. 

The Oreo Cheesecake was the best cheesecake I have eaten in years and this little beauty contains 52 Oreos to give it its oh so sweet taste. It's dark, crumbly base is layered with vanilla and Oreo cheesecake then coated with even more Oreos and finished with lashings on dark chocolate sauce. 

Next time you go to Byron, try and save some room for this because you HAVE to try it! 

We loved our time at Byron as you can probably tell and it's one place we've added to our brilliant with allergies list too which makes eating out in the future so much easier. 

Are you a Byron fan already?

Complimentary meal for the purpose of review - see disclaimer.


  1. I read this post at the wrong time, by the time I was finished I was craving a burger. All the food looks delicious, I want to try it all, especially the oreo cheesecake. I've never visited Bryon before, although I have heard of them. After this review, I'll definitely be heading there in the near future, thanks for sharing dear.

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

  2. Good Lord! Alice, you're killing me! I can almost taste it all! I want, no, need to taste that cheesecake!! xx


  3. The mac n cheese balls look insane!! And I love the decor - taking notes for a living room redesign lol

  4. Not heard of this place before but it looks so good! I’m not a massive burger fan but would like to try the mac and cheese xx

  5. I haven't been to Byron in so long but I need to change that asap x

  6. The mini burger is such a good idea for kids and even adults with smaller appetites! All of this looks amazing x


  7. Oh dear, I've not eaten for 6 hrs, so reading this my mouth was positively drooling! The food looks amazing and that cheesecake...yes please! :D

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  8. Oooh my husband would absolutely love this!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  9. I've never tried a Byron burger but oh my gosh I need to now haha!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  10. I am SO hungry haha! One of each please! x

  11. Great, it's 6am and I want a burger xx

  12. You honestly had me at halloumi fries.. x

  13. I visited one of their branches in Edinburgh and it was fantastic! Their milkshakes and burgers are to die for and the service was very quick.

  14. My stomach is rumbling looking at the mac and cheese balls...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  15. That Oreo cheesecake looks incredible x

  16. I've never been to Byron but get me there to try those mac & cheese balls immediately!
    Em x

  17. Ermagad some of the BEST burgers ever!!! x

  18. I’m currently starving and this is not helping! I need that burger!


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