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Dermalogica Prisma Protect

If there is one thing I've learned to love in my late twenties, it's skincare. My teens was spent using face wipes and forgetting to take my makeup off, my twenties have been spent trying to ease the damage I'd already done and learning to love my skin and I think I'm finally there. 

I've mentioned before that I've never suffered with acne or any skin complaints so keeping my skin clear and clean hasn't been too much of a hard task but that doesn't mean it has been without its problems. My early twenties were focused on banishing oil and my later years have been learning to tackle combination skin after spending my pregnancy feeling dryer than the Sahara. 

One thing I did a few years ago was visit my local Dermalogica and have skin mapping carried out on my skin so I could see where the damage was, what my skin problems were and what I could do to keep my skin looking its best. Since then, I've used a number of Dermalogica products over the years and have found some firm favourites that never leave my skin care drawer and some I couldn't wait to see the back of. 

Thankfully, Dermalogica Prisma Protect (£58.00) available at World Duty Free wasn't one that ended up in the bin and while I've been dealing with pityriasis rosea for a number of months, this tube has become my little life saver for when my skin really started to flare up as the girl who has never suffered with anything didn't have the foggiest where to start.

The Prisma Protect is a light activated multitasking moisturiser which provides broad spectrum defense while helping to prevent future signs of skin damage. It also has intelligent drone technology which is activated by visible light to help boost the skin's natural luminosity. Sounds pretty fab right?

The good news is that it is as great as it sounds and I haven't found any bad news yet. The cream itself is light, hydrating and non greasy so applying it in the morning before make up means you're left with skin feeling soft and fresh, ready for the day ahead and your makeup doesn't slide which gives it a big thumbs up from me as that's such a gripe of mine.

I did wonder whether the SPF would make it thick but as mentioned it has a lovely, light consistency and it doesn't feel thick at all. It just kinda glides on to skin and soaks in. It also doesn't smell horrible either which I find with a lot of facial SPF which tends to put me off and is the reason I go for a lower SPF which in itself is silly but I just hate the feeling of it. 

The cream contains Zingiber Officinale Root Oil also know as Ginger Oil, which soothes redness as well as helping to protect the skin from damage and ageing while the Green Tea Extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties making it a dream for skin. As mentioned, I've been suffering with a skin condition recently that has caused dry, red patches and this has really helped soothe the areas on my neck. 

It's advised to apply thirty minutes before sun exposure as with most SPF's but overall it's a great little product albeit quite pricey! I've found I don't need a lot of this and I've been using it for around two months now and still have half a tube if a little less left. I spend on my skincare so for something like this that works, I would snap it up again in a heartbeat. I can't wait to see how it holds up in the summer, I'm thinking just this, mascara and a lip tint would be the perfect trio for the summer skin. 

Have you tried Dermalogica's Prisma Protect? What did you think?

You can pre-order from the World Duty Free website if you're planning on jetting off soon so if anything takes your fancy, just select your terminal then reserve and collect in store when you fly which means you won't be missing out on any fabulous offers. 

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  1. This sounds absolutely beautiful! I love Dermalogica xx

  2. I definitely need to pick up a new SPF this year - will have a look into this one :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  3. This sounds amazing! I am such a dermalogica fan!

  4. I have tried a couple of bits from this brand and have been very impressed xx

  5. I've tried other Dermalogica products but not this one. It sounds really good though. :D

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  6. I haven't tried this product but t looks like a winner!
    em x

  7. I've only ever tried their daily microfoliant but really liked it. This is a bit pricey but I love that it contains SPF.

  8. I love the principle of this especially with the summer months coming up x

  9. I've heard a few people talk about this now, it sounds great.
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  10. I have to admit i really love using this in the morning i would never use it for its SPF properties because you're not likely to apply the amount needed for adequate coverage but as a moisturiser its great.

    Andrew James -

  11. I absolutely love the way this feels on my skin & it works amazing under my make up too!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  12. I've been loving this SO much! I think I would pick it up again in a second when I run out, I find it works beautifully!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  13. I haven’t explored Dermalogica in recent years but this product sounds rather exciting! Thanks for sharing Alice :)

  14. This sounds so good, if I ever have any money I'll buy some

  15. I've never tried this brand but I've always heard such good things!


  16. This sounds like such a lovely product especially now the warmer weather is coming, xx

  17. I am looking for a new SPF and I love that you say this is really lightweight! x

  18. This sounds right up my street! x

  19. I’ve tried a few products from them and I’ve loved their sensitive range x

  20. Ohh the skin mapping sounds fab! I love Dermalogica, this sounds amazing.


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