Friday 8 March 2019

Three Delicious Spring Drinks to make at Home

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With the temperature hitting 20 degrees in some areas of the UK late February, it seems we've already had a taste of what's to come for Spring this year. Spring is one of my favourite times of year, it's just the right temperature, parks are blossoming with beautiful flowers and making plans with friends involves beer gardens and make your own cocktail parties on sun soaked terraces. 

In keeping with the spirit of Spring, I've discovered three tantalizing drinks to get your taste buds going and the best bit? They're super simple to make and all the ingredients are available at Sainsbury's!

A glass of bubbles is what I order most often or not when I'm out so prosecco based cocktails are some of my favourites. They're really easy to create at home because they're minimal effort and they taste delicious. 

The first cocktail and my personal favourite is Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco. It's fresh and fruity with a zingy twist thank to a slice of lemon and a splash of limoncello. I like to make this particular cocktail in a tumbler rather than a flute so I use the Sainsbury's Home Serenity Tumblers (£5.00). 

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco Ingredients:
Sugar (for the glass rim)
Cocktail Sticks (for garnish)

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco Method: 

  • Slide a slice of lemon around the rim of the tumbler then spin in a shallow bowl of sugar 
  • Take a handful of raspberries and mash them before place at the bottom of the tumblers
  • Add crushed ice
  • Fill each tumbler half way with prosecco
  • Add one measure of limoncello 
  • Place a fresh slice of lemon in the tumbler
  • Take a cocktail stick, slide on three raspberries then place across the glass then serve

Paired with the Sainsbury's Prosecco DOC Extra Dry SO Organic, it gives the drink a fresh taste while the raspberries add the perfect amount of sweetness. It's my favourite for those warmer days with friends when you want to whip up something quick to accompany lunch. 

The second cocktail is another Limoncello and Prosecco based drink, as you can tell I definitely have a favourite! This one is even easier to make with a limited amount of ingredients again, it's just a great way to dress up a glass of prosecco to something a little fancier.

The Limoncello Prosecco is best served chilled in a flute glass like the Sainsbury's Home Serenity Champagne Glasses (£5.00), it looks great at special occasions such as baby showers and hen dos too!

Limoncello Prosecco Ingredients:

Limoncello Prosecco Method: 

  • Take two flute glasses and run under cold water to make them cold
  • Pour two measures of Prosecco into each flute glass
  • Pour one measure of Limoncello into each flute glass
  • Add a sprig of fresh mint to each flute glass
  • Top with 8-10 blueberries per glass
  • Serve

My favourite thing about Limoncello Prosecco cocktails other than the taste is that they're so easy to make! I also find that as both of these cocktails have such similar ingredients, you could serve both at a dinner party or gathering with little to no added effort which is what I like to hear!

And who doesn't like drinks with snacks in?!

Lastly is a drink with doesn't need too much fuss and all you need is a bottle opener! Jubel Beer is now available at Sainsbury's and is cut with two different flavours, Elderflower or peach. Jubel Beer was founded in 2017 and prides itself on being naturally infused, gluten free and vegan friendly. 

Jubel Beer is bursting with flavour and the perfect way to quench your thirst in the spring sunshine. Both flavours are yummy but the elderflower just pips it to the post for me. The beer is best served chilled straight from the bottle or in a tumbler. 

So there you have it, three oh so delicious drinks to reach for this Spring and with everything available to buy at Sainbury's creating fun, funky drinks has never been easier meaning you get more time to enjoy the glorious weather. 

This is a paid partnership with Sainsbury's - please see disclaimer for more details
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