Monday 18 March 2019

MAC Travel Exclusive Set at World Duty Free

I've been a fan of MAC Cosmetics for as long as I can remember. The moment I bought my first product is forever etched in my memory because for me, it was the first high-end piece of makeup I ever bought with my own money. I was living in Spain at the time, I was 16 and I had gone to the main department store there, El Corte Ingl├ęs with friends. I bought the Studio Fix Powder, Lipglass Clear tube and my first lipstick, So Chaud which is still one of my favourite shades now. 

My love for MAC Cosmetics lipsticks started there and continued to grow, I haven't shared a lipstick collection post for some time as I'm not sure it would be as well-received anymore but I do add to it very occasionally. World Duty Free recently sent me one of the MAC Travel Exclusive Lipstick Trios (£39.10) with three gorgeous nude shades to go gooey over and the lipstick enthusiast in me squealed.

Especially as for someone who has tried her fair share of shades over the years, I don't own a single one of these in full size; Even Velvet Teddy I only have a mini sample of so this lipstick fan was very pleased. 

The set is a travel exclusive so you will have to swing through World Duty Free to pick it up but it's such great saving that you definitely deserve it... I'm sure.

The first shade in the set is Brick-O-La, a mid-tone berry in an amplified finish. The amplified finish isn't my favourite, I'm much more of a matte fan but this does feel great on the lips. It's creamy, highly pigmented and leaves a gorgeous pop of colour. 

It applies really easily although I have heard the lip pencil in Spice works really well with this particular shade to really define your lips which is what I tend to do just to keep my colour looking perfect.

Using the Spice liner would also stop any bleeding or feathering but it's quite rare you get that with a MAC Cosmetics lipstick anyway. I'm just not overly familiar with the amplified finish so it may be something to think about. 

Brick-O-La would work really well as a day or nightshade but for me, I think this would definitely be more of an evening shade. 

Next in the set is Velvet Teddy which became a cult classic after helping a particular Jenner achieve that pout. It sold out again and again along with the lip pencil in the shade Whirl which is dubbed as its perfect companion. 

Velvet Teddy is a deep tone beige in a matte finish which looks different on every single person I've seen wear it. This comes up more dusky beige on me, strangely similar to Faux but I personally can see the difference. I've worn this a few times now and people are always surprised when I say what it is because of how different it looks on me. 

It's a gorgeous everyday nude, you can just whip it out and apply to give yourself a perfect nude pout. The matte finish means it applies and doesn't budge, eat, drink or do more with your lips, it is not coming off. Velvet Teddy is a classic for a reason, it's a beautiful shade and I really do like it and I am kicking myself for not buying it sooner. 

The final shade in the set is See Sheer, a grapefruit pink in a lustre finish. I wouldn't personally pair this with a lip liner as it is quite sheer but if you did want to then Lasting Sensation or Edge to Edge used lightly would work quite well. 

The lustre finish isn't my favourite, I like a bold lip so this doesn't give enough wow for me but See Sheer is still quite pretty and would complement sun-kissed skin during the summer months really well. 

See Sheer applies effortlessly thanks to its sheer, lustre finish so it leaves my lips feeling incredibly soft and smooth. It does wear the quickest out of all the finishes in my opinion which is why I don't own many of these but it is a pretty shade that I will no doubt reach for again in the summer.

(Brick-O-La, Velvet Teddy, See Sheer)

The reason I'm such a fan of sets like this is because I get to discover shades and finishes I would never usually buy at a great saving as I'm strolling through to catch a flight. 

I do wish I could rock up to Gatwick and just go shopping though... Anyone else? 

It's always worth checking out the World Duty Free website if you're planning on jetting off soon because if anything takes your fancy you can just select your terminal then reserve and collect in store when you fly which means you won't be missing out on any fabulous offers. 

What would be the first thing you bought in World Duty Free?

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