Sunday 10 March 2019

Lush Cosmetics Mother's Day Collection

I love the start of a new year because you're fresh from Christmas, you have your new year positive pants on and we get new collection after new collection from Lush Cosmetics, any excuse for an extravagant bath!

With the scent of Peachy still in the air, this years Mother's Day collection landed in stores and it's a good'un. I haven't been overly wowed the last two seasons but this year's collection has more than made up for it and I already have some faves to pick up before they disappear!

From bath bombs and bubble bars to shower scrubs and shower bombs, you are bound to fall for something. I mean it's Lush, why wouldn't you?!

I'm going to give you a run down of the entire collection bar one or two so you can see what's what from formula to scent so you know exactly what to add to your basket. Spoiler: E V E R Y T H I N G! 

One of my favourite bath products from Lush has to be the bubble bars. You can easily break one bar into four or five pieces then pop into a tea strainer (stops you burning your fingers), run under hot water and you're left with lots of luxurious bubbles for the perfect bath. Grl Pwr is the only bubble bar within the collection; I'm a big fan and hugely sad that it's limited edition; Gah! 

Grl Pwr (£5.95) designed like a pin badge and turns the bath a beautiful shade of purple. It's a blend of ylang ylang and cedarwood to help balance your mind while the uplifting scent of bergamot (my fave!) mixed with comforting benzoin resinoid makes it ideal for a Sunday evening bath ready for the week ahead. 

Now shall we have a look at the bath bombs because there are a few to get through?! 

First up are the four flower bath bombs, each one is designed with a flower that gently fizzes and floats away in water and inside there's a little scroll which is removable so you can write your own message before gifting one of these beauties to someone special. 

One of  mine had Thanks Petal inside, which I thought was cute. 

Jasmine Flower (£5.95) is a calming mix of chamomile blue and jasmine as well as a touch of lavender to soothe the soul. The bath bomb turns the water a soft green colour while the white jasmine flower slowly foams and expands. It's the perfect treat!

The Marigold Flower (£5.95) is the super uplifting one of the group with buchu and grapefruit oil to add some zest to your bath. The water turns a vibrant yellow colour so you're basically bathing in happiness. Next up is Chamomile Flower (£5.95) which just secures its spot as my favourite of the set. A mix of chamomile, orange flower and ylang ylang make bath time a floral heady mix as you lower yourself into pale blue waters for the perfect post bed bath. It just smells incredible and I need at least ten of these immediately. 

Lastly is Iris Flower (£5.95) a pretty lilac bath bomb with Persian lime and orris root as well as bergamot and neroli, it's the scent of Spring in bath bomb form and it definitely delivers the prettiest coloured water of the bunch. I think this one will be very popular.

The next bath bomb in the collection is really fun and I'm sure a favourite for little ones shopping for their mum and that is Incredible Mum (£4.50), superhero cape included! It smells incredible thanks to a mix of ylang ylang, bergamot and orange flower which is quickly becoming my favourite scent combination at Lush. The best bit has to be the kaleidoscope of colour it creates when dropped into the water, it really is spectacular. 

Floating Flower (£5.95) is a real bath time treat and boy is it pretty. The blue bath bomb comes topped with a chrysanthemum dipped in fair trade cocoa butter and almond oil, this then infuses into the water leaving skin super soft! The bath bomb is mixed with lavender oil which makes the milky blue bath the ideal relaxtion station for Mum. 

If you're all about the colourful bath water then you are going to love Madame President (£4.95). It fizzes fast and turns the water into a tantalising mix of pinks, mauves and blues; It's pretty special! The scent just makes it even better, the petitgrain oil is floral yet earthy while the grapefruit oil is and zesty so there's never been a better scent to run the world with. 

One product I was really looking forward to trying was Strawberry Hill (£2.75), one of their shower bombs. I haven't tried these before so I had to do some research on what they're all about but from what I can understand it's a way to make your shower more of an experience than just a necessity. You hold the shower bomb under water, it then expands releasing essential oils which you can then use to clean your skin. Strawberry Hill is a mix of vanilla absolute and sweet wild orange oil which makes the strawberry perfume then you have soya milk powder to soothe skin as well as damask rose giving it a pop of Turkish rose fields. It's incredible and it turns out I love shower bombs so I'll be heading in to get some more of these. 

Disclaimer: I've never used a soap from Lush Cosmetics before so Raspberry Milkshake (£7.95) is the perfect place to start. It smells amazing, think summer picnic, mashed raspberries and meringue and you've nailed it. I love the design, the texture and the way it lathers up so it's a really great soap to keep in your bathroom and is definitely more exciting than your usual run of the mill bar. 

Butterflies seem quite apt for Mother's Day so Lush Cosmetic's collection of butterflies make the perfect edition. Wild Butterfly (£4.95) is a mix of orange and yellow which gives the bath a warm, orange shimmer. It's infused with sweet orange oil and herbaceous olive leaf absolute which gives it its sweet zesty scent as well as petitgrain oil which adds an earthy warmth. It's quite special and the design means it's easy to break for multiple baths unlike a standard bath bomb.

Lemon Butterfly (£4.95) is another yellow mix but this time with blue giving the water a green shimmery hue. It gives a zing to your bath thanks to the Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange combination so it's the perfect pick up me up after a long day. 

Rose Butterfly (£4.95) is my favourite out of the three because of the blend of Sicilian lemon and Turkish rose oil. The mix of oils and shimmery purple water just makes for a really relaxing experience and it's another one I need to get some more of before they disappear. 

The final two pieces are a little something to keep your skin tip top. Firstly, the Mamma Mia Body Scrub (£10.95) which smells delightful! The scrub is a refreshing combination of pink grapefruit, rose clay and Himalayan salt to give skin a good going over while the vanilla and rosewood perfume leaves skin smelling ah-mazing! Rub Rub Rub is my all time favourite body scrub and this is just as good, my skin always feels incredibly soft after using it. 

What do you need after a good scrub? Something moisturising! 

The massage bars at Lush are like no other, I have quite a large collection of them and regularly reach for Therapy so Hunny Bear is a welcome addition. Hunny Bear (£5.95) is a blend of agave syrup and vegan dark chocolate to give it a sensual feeling while the cocoa butter and almond gives skin a burst of hydration. Tonka absolute and vanilla injects a little sweetness while the shea butter moisturises and the spicy clove leaf oil makes for a warm embrace. If I could create my very own massage, Hunny Bear would be it and I've already smooshed his little face in.

The Mother's Day collection is available in store and online now but be quick because it's only going to be around for a limited time.

For me, the ones to try are Jasmine Flower, Rose Butterfly, Mamma Mia and Hunny Bear. They also have some fab gift sets with a whole host of products that make the ideal gift for Mother's Day. 

The Lush Cosmetics Mother's Day collection are press samples - please see disclaimer
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