Sunday 25 June 2017

10 Things to Feel Good About

After a particularly crap week, a few tears and some pissed off outbursts I sat back and re-accessed a lot of things. Most of what was making me unhappy was completely irrelevant and to be honest, a waste of my time so I took a look at the good things happening to give me a shiny, new outlook so here are ten good things that I need to remember when I need a smile put back on my face. 

1. Our little bubba is getting bigger and stronger by the day and boy, are my insides being kicked good. We're almost 26 weeks down and the date of his arrival is fast approaching. He is probably the reason for our biggest smiles.

2. This week sees the return of Emma's Beautique in partnership with Capital South Coast. I did a beauty talk last year at the very first event and have been asked back to do another! It's at the Spinnaker Tower this time and I'm so looking forward to it. 

3. I was asked to takeover the Jessop's Instagram last week as their new store opened in West Quay, Southampton. I love the images they share so I was so proud to see mine there too. It's so fab being picked for these things because of my blog. 

4. I get to meet some lovely pregnant bloggers at an event in a few weeks! I've been invited to The Dorchester for a spa day and afternoon tea by a fab baby brand and I could not be more excited! 

5. Southampton Bloggers is going from strength to strength at the moment with fab local brands on board for some exciting events and more. The Southampton blogging community is such an amazing group and I love that I've been able to create that for so many.

6. Next weekend sees another girl date in Southampton with my favourite blogging babes. I'm planning on getting in as many baby free dates with my faves before the little one is here and I can't wait to sip on another piña smoothie at Cabana.

7. Spending hours on end, on the sofa with Arran is the best medicine. We may not go out drinking as much anymore or stay up until silly o'clock but putting on a box set and opening a bar of Dairy Milk is exactly what I'd rather be doing with my other half.

8. July will see full baby celebrations taking place, not only will it be my own baby shower next month but also one of my oldest friend's baby showers too as we're only two weeks apart in our pregnancies. We'll be sipping on elderflower while everyone else has the bubbles.

9. My two besties and I have made days out our thing to do the last year or so. With strawberry picking already ticked off, in a few weeks we're going to visit another beautiful lavender field. Days out with these girls are my absolute favourite especially when we're all excellent at being each others Instagram boyfriends. 

10. June saw Arran and I celebrate five years together. It's been five years of so much fun and memories with a couple of rocky patches chucked in for good measure but there is no one else I'd rather spend my life with, have children with and grow old with. 

I'd love to know what good things are making you happy at the moment?

Photos by Katherine Mcmorran.
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