Wednesday 7 June 2017

The £300 Hairdryer You Totally Need

Being a beauty blogger, there are a lot of products that come on to my radar, a lot of which seem like hyped up gimmicks just for a money spinner. That is exactly how I felt about the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. The price made me wince and I just couldn't understand why anyone would spend that much on a hairdryer let alone one by a company famed for hoovers. Oh how I'm eating my words now.

I was invited in to Dyson Supersonic in Southampton by Bryony to experience the hairdryer for myself. I went in firmly believing they were a waste of money and walked out trying to work out how I can justify spending just under £300 on a hairdryer I definitely didn't need. I was that impressed with the results. 

My sister, Emily-May had her hair blow dried first while I asked all the questions about the expensive little device. The Supersonic was released last year and its futuristic look had everyone's ears pricked up. The feather light dryer features the V9 motor which spins faster than any other dryer. It makes drying time so much faster and the measured hair temperature prevents extreme heat damage to help protect shine. 

Not once did the dryer feel too hot against my scalp and Bryony styled my hair effortlessly with it. I was in complete awe of how light, compact and functional it was. The way it is made and the way it works does now explain the price now I've seen it in action. This would be such an investment piece that would be worth every penny over time. Now just to make the purchase myself because I genuinely love it.

Complimentary blow dry for purpose of review - see disclaimer.
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