Sunday 11 June 2017

My Second Trimester

As I sit and write this, I am now 22 weeks pregnant which is around five and a half months. I honestly do not know where the time has gone and in all honesty, I kinda want it to slow down just a little. We're so excited for our little boy to arrive but the second trimester has been a bit rough. I wish more people told you how rubbish pregnancy can be.

If you read My First Trimester post then you'll know the start was a little daunting and scary in parts, but the last couple of months have been much easier. My sickness and nausea disappeared around 14 weeks which was marvellous, the nose bleeds also reduced and have now thankfully stopped. I had started to use Weleda's Rhinodoron Nasal Spray and it really helped. I find I get the odd headache and the tiredness is still hanging around but other than that I feel more myself. 

I've very briefly spoken about suffering with depression before and this unfortunately rose its ugly head again towards the end of April. A few things had happened, the anxiety and nervousness of my pregnancy had got the better of me and I just broke down. I was signed off work for four weeks to try and get back to myself and it was a much needed break. I'm still not 100% and I'm terrified that this will continue throughout my pregnancy and stick around after I have him in my arms but I'm just taking it day by day at the moment. I don't want it to taint our first journey into parenthood. 

I have enjoyed some parts of my second trimester. In April, we found out we are expecting a little boy and Arran bought me a beautiful Pandora ring from their new collection in a baby blue too. We've started buying baby bits with bursts of blue, white and bright colours ready for him to make his big entrance and we've ordered some of the big bits too. We have some names we love already and his nickname has fast become Starburst or Splodge. He has made his presence know by the expanding of my belly, I feel like I woke up one day with a bump and he's kicking away too. Arran felt him for the first time on the first anniversary of our engagement which was so special. 

We're still so overwhelmed with the love we've received over our news. We've been given so many beautiful gifts already from friends, family, blogger friends and some of the loveliest PR's I've worked with over the years and this is before he is even here! We just have the baby shower to arrange next. I just want a party with my loved ones especially as it's not the done thing to have one for every baby, reading up on baby shower etiquette is a laugh a minute, trust me. 

I've got a few appointments coming up for check ups, vaccines and a glucose test due to PCOS which I'm dreading and before I know it, it'll be the final trimester! I'm enjoying blogging about our journey so far, it'll be so nice to read back on once he's here. Until my next post...

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