Friday 23 June 2017

Brush Beauties from Blank Canvas Cosmetics

If there is one thing you can never have too many of, it's makeup brushes. I hate when cleaning day rolls around again and openly admit I leave my brushes much longer between washes than I should. I have different sets I switch between so I always have some faves on the go while waiting for the others to dry and I have fallen head over heels for Blank Canvas Cosmetics recently.

I've been using two of their face brushes for the best part of this year and I rarely reach for anything else so it was only right to expand the collection. Blank Canvas Cosmetics create beautiful and affordable brushes as well as makeup products. There are a variety of brushes, handles and collections with the metallic handle brushes being what I reach for most. 

The brushes are made with anti bacterial and synthetic fibres. They're also vegan and cruelty free, it's so great to see companies really making the most of synthetic fibres in their brushes at last. The F19 Tapered Concealer/Contour brush is a favourite for contouring and adding highlight to my cheekbones. I find it much easier to use for that rather than concealer as it's a little too big for my under eye area. I've been using the E03 Lip Detail brush for concealer around my nose and chin area. Who says brushes are meant for certain things eh?

F33 Extreme Angled Contour Brush is the ultimate tool in slaying your contour and it comes in five different colour combos. The brush helps you carve out cheek bones and picks up product effortlessly. I always use powder so I can't comment on how it performs with cream but it's pretty fabulous. My favourite of the bunch and the second one I now own is the F08 Dome Buffing Brush as it creates such an effortlessly perfect base. I just use a pump of my chosen foundation and then this, in a matter of minutes my base is complete with no pulling, marks or lines. I would not be without it. 

There is so much to choose from on Blank Canvas Cosmetics so definitely head over and have a look. The quality is incredible and the prices are so affordable too! Plus, who doesn't need more brushes?! I'd be lost without my trusty collection to apply my favourite products. 

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