Saturday 26 November 2016

The Best Japanese Food Outside London

It's not often you come across an incredible and authentic Japanese restaurant in the South that isn't in London so when Kyoto Kitchen first emailed me about coming to try out their food, I was more than intrigued. Rachel & I headed to Kyoto Kitchen which is in Winchester a few weeks ago to sample the menu and it tied in nicely as it was her birthday the same day.

Situated on Parchment Street, you'll find the modern, Japanese restaurant tucked away. They always say the best restaurants are where no one is looking and that statement couldn't be truer for here. We took our seats and swiftly ordered drinks before browsing over the menu. My knowledge of all things Sushi and Sashimi goes as far as Yo Sushi! and Itsu so you could say I'm pretty clueless. We decide to go for a range of dishes recommended by the owner so we could get a real feel for the food they're so passionate to serve.  

What we ate: 
  • Arctic Char Pate
  • Edamame Beans
  • Chicken Gyoza 
  • Beef Tataki 
  • Scallop Batayaki 
  • Ebi Tempura 
  • Sashimi Trio 
  • Tuna Tartare 
  • Winchester Roll
  • Black Cod with Spicy Miso
  • Steamed Rice

We were served a range of freshly prepared dishes from the chefs and you could just see the effort that goes into creating them. We were told that the chefs like to experiment with different flavours you wouldn't usually put together to make the dishes more interesting and it worked perfectly. We were also served fresh wasabi which was incredible, most chains serve horseradish dyed green as fresh wasabi lasts a mere few minutes so I really enjoyed being able to taste the locally grown wasabi. It was light, tasty and much nicer than what I've had previously.

The food was of the highest standard, I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to Yo Sushi now having tried the specialities served in Kyoto Kitchen. They really set the bar high for me and I can't wait to go back with the mister to experience it again. 

If you're based in Hampshire and have a craving for Japanese food, Kyoto Kitchen is 100% worth the visit. I couldn't recommend it enough. You can book via phone on 01962 890 895 or drop them an email - They also offer a private dining section so if you had an intimate celebration in the mind, this would be the perfect location. I had a peek at the room and it is gorgeous! 

What do you think of Japanese food? Have I tickled your tastebuds?

Complimentary meal for purpose of review - see disclaimer.
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