Monday 21 November 2016

My Top 5 Merumaya Products

I've been using Merumaya products for almost three years after discovering the brand at a Southampton Bloggers event. One of their PR girls attended the event to introduce us to the brand, the products and the message behind them and I haven't looked back. I've tried a lot of their products and have loved every single one as they just make my skin feel incredible but as with any brand there are always some products that stick out more and so today I'm sharing my top five Merumaya products.

 Melting Cleansing Balm £16.50
This is by far my favourite product ever and I have gone through countless tubes. It's just incredible. The Melting Cleansing Balm works by beginning to melt and emulsify makeup, you then mix with water to create a light milk consistency which helps to remove makeup fully. I find the balm extremely gentle on my skin and it helps improves the surface and any imperfections. I find a pea sized amount is all I need to use so the 100ml tubes last me for a few months. It's a great product and you can buy smaller tubes for travelling too. 

Bi-Phase Plus Eye Makeup Remover £14.50
I wouldn't usually use makeup removers you need to shake to mix the solution as I find they leave my face greasy but thankfully this one doesn't do that. The remover helps take away your eye makeup without pulling or scratching, making it perfect for the eye area. If my eyes need a little refresh I sometimes put this in the fridge, soak two cotton pads and then lay them on my eyes. Great for the morning after the night before.

Mud Marvels Mask £19.50
The deep, detoxifying face mask is a great Sunday evening pamper treat. The charcoal and volcanic ash aims to deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin leaving it feeling refreshed while the natural alpha hydroxy acids which help with anti aging, help remove the top layer of skin to give way to the younger cells below. Your skin is left feeling hydrated and smooth, ready to face the week ahead. The great thing about this mask is that it doesn't leave the skin feeling like it's been stripped of any hydration or nutrients, you're just left with plump and happy skin.

Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil £28.50
The Everything, Everywhere oil is perfect for face, body, hair, cuticles, lashes, the list is endless and with the super ingredient Kahai Oil you'd be silly not to add this to your routine. Kahai Oil contains more essential fatty acids and Vitamin E than Argan, Borage and Hazelnut oils and three times more Retinol than Rosehip Oil all of which help soften lines and wrinkles, boost radiance and give lasting hydration. It's a great little product and one I wouldn't be without. 

Youth Preservation Moisturiser £33.50
The Youth Preservation Moisturiser is a rich but non greasy cream which helps provide intense moisturisation and protection, helping to leave skin plump and dewy. It also helps with elasticity and fine lines giving you a smoother complexion. I find with products like this, it takes a good 4 - 6 weeks to really start seeing the benefits but when you do, you really notice the difference in your skin. It's been a great tool for my mid twenties skin!

Have you tried Merumaya before? What are your favourite products?

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