Thursday 24 November 2016

The Rockstars Collection by Sleek Makeup

There's a few different things that make you realise Christmas is finally upon us, the coca cola truck, the John Lewis advert and of course the Christmas collection from Sleek Makeup. This year they've unleashed The Rockstar Collection, a mix of baked nudes and vibrant jewel toned shadows, souffle highlighters and metallic lipsticks. It's pretty, festive and you'll definitely want to treat yourself.

There are two sets to pick from this year but as Sleek Makeup are so reasonably priced there's no reason why not to treat yourself to everything. It is almost Christmas after all...

Hidden Gems i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette £7.49
The first of the two palettes available in this collection is Hidden Gems. A jewel toned palette with six shimmer powder shades. If colour is your thing then you'll love this one. You have everything from a beautiful, dark green to a shimmery gold, deep purple and Christmas red. There is also a smoky grey mauve and a shimmery silver perfect for the inner eye. I find most of Sleek's eyeshadows highly pigmented and these are no different, they also wear really well too.

Diamonds in the Rough i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette £7.49
The second palette in the collection is Diamonds in the Rough, a beautiful nude toned palette with four baked powders and two creams. This is a much more me palette as I love nude based shadows. There is a beautiful mix of rose gold and pink toned shadows that you can use together for an understated smoky eye look. I would've much prefered six powder shadows in this palette as I find the creams a bit meh. They just don't do anything and the pigmentation is rubbish. The four powder shadows are just as pigmented as I would've expected though so four out of six isn't so bad.

Strobbing Souffle in Smoky Quartz & Pink Opal £7.00
I really wanted to love the Strobbing Souffles as they are beautiful but I just didn't. The texture is much like a mousse and I find having to get them out of the little pots really messy. The shades look incredible in the pots but once transferred onto your face they're very glittery and not worthy of being called a highlight. It's not often I find a Sleek Makeup product I don't like but these just didn't do it for me. Glittery, messy and hard to blend is not my ideal makeup product. 

Lip VIP Metallic Lipstick in Superstar & Scandalous £5.50
The final products from the collection are the Lip VIP Metallic lipsticks. I love the range and bang on about it all the time as they're semi-matte lipsticks with incredible colour pay off that doesn't budge. If Superstar and Scandalous had also been in a semi-matte finish rather than metallic I probably would've loved these too but they have a slight frost finish and I feel like frost should be put back in the late 80's along with leg warmers and perms. The metallic purple and pink do compliment this range perfectly and still give amazing colour pay off, I just personally wouldn't wear them.

What do you think of The Rockstar Collection? Is there anything you want to rush out & buy?

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