Friday 17 January 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

I have a bit of an addiction to Mac lipsticks.. a growing addiction at that. I've seen a few posts on Mac lipstick collections and I always seem to find a couple of colours to check out next time I'm shopping. So I thought I would do my own.. and you never know you may even find one that takes your fancy! This is going to be a bit of a long post.. but I hope it's one you enjoy reading. 

This in my eyes was my perfect nude. I swatched it, thought about it, then went back and purchased it. Does it suit me? No, I'm far too pale for this. I've worn this a few times and now look back on photos thinking "Eek". It's quite a peachy nude and it applies really well.. just sort of glides perfectly. I still look at it longingly wishing I could wear it. 

Pink Nouveau
I picked this up in Selfridges while in London for the day. I have the mind set that if I'm out of my home city then I'm technically on 'holiday' which means I can buy myself extra gifts. And I'm glad I did because as someone that isn't a big fan of pink.. I love this. The colour this leaves on my lips is amazing and it's also very moisturising. It's a Barbie pink shade and it looks fab with a holiday glow!

Lovelorn is one of my newer colours. My Sister picked this up for me for Christmas and it's my only Lustre lippy. It applies smoothly and leaves a glossy, natural colour on my lips. This is fab for everyday wear and I've used it a few times for work too (my job is not a place for a bright lip) I will be looking into a few lustre shades next!

This one is a fuchsia pink and is so creamy! It applies like a dream and doesn't need much topping up during a night out which I love! Not a fan of having to re-apply frequently. This has a coral base which makes a change for a fuchsia lip. One of my go to bright lip colours.

At first I wasn't keen.. and it reminded me of a 'Grandma' lip colour. But as this was a birthday present from Sister, I kept to it and now I'm a bit of a fan. It's a peachy, coral colour and leaves a slight shimmer on my lips. I find that it goes on darker than I thought it would but then that could be down to me being on the pale side. I've been using this as a day time lip shade.

So Chaud
This is my FAVOURITE lip colour and the one I use the most. It's an orange/red matte and lasts a good 4-6 hours. Although the matte range is known for being quite drying, I haven't found this with So Chaud. It's just a rich colour and I can't sing it's praises enough. I'm forever recommending this to people! 

This is the lipstick I picked up on my recent 'Back to Mac' trip and because it was my freebie I wanted to get something a bit different. Diva is a dark red/berry colour and because it's a dark matte shade I find that if it does fade, there is a slight stain left to my lips so it's not as noticeable. Nothing that a decent bit of make up remover won't remove. I think I'm beginning to have a soft spot for their matte range!

Private Party
Lastly is my little edition from Mac's 2013 Winter collection Divine Night. I ordered as soon as it hit the website, no swatches, no nothing. And I'm so glad I picked what I did. Private Party is a dark plum/berry colour with a cool pink tone to it. It applies like a dream and I've worn this a number of times over the recent Autumn/Winter months. I was a bit unsure at first as I'm quite pale but I love it and always get asked what it is when I wear it!

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