Monday 13 January 2014

My Very First Lush Haul

I'm fairly new to Lush products. I've ventured in many a times but never purchased anything because their products used to really affect my sensitive skin when I was younger. Now that I'm older I seem to be able to use most things on my skin so with some birthday cash I went in and purchased some of my first products. I've read so many posts on their Lip Scrubs so I picked up my first one and also two bath bombs. 

Mint Julips Lip Scrub
Although I've read so many good reviews on the Bubblegum lip scrub I decided to get one of the others to try as I'm not a fan of things that smell too sweet so Mint Julips was perfect for me. The main ingredient is Peppermint Oil which makes this smell like After Eights. It also contains castor sugar, Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Extracts & Tagetes Oil. 

I've been using this in the evening as part as my night time skin care routine and also before I wear lipstick. I have noticed a difference while using this as my lips have been much softer and not as chapped, which is what you need in this rubbish weather we've been having. And the best thing? It's edible!!

Ickle Baby Bot
I decided to purchase Ickle Baby Bot because again I'd read a few reviews on it singing its praises. This one contains Lavender and Chamomile which I love in baths as it's so relaxing. I used this one after getting home from work late one night and getting soaked through in the process. What better way to perk myself up than with a baby bot bath? 

As soon as I chucked this in the running water it fizzed up really quickly and turned the water a lovely pale blue colour! And the smell?! Amazing. I realise this is 'aimed' at Children and Toddlers but it's a fab price and it lulled me to sleep that night! I will be repurchasing this for sure! 

Space Girl
The second bath bomb I picked up was Space Girl.. purely because it was glittery and smells like Refreshers. Ah child hood. I used this last night and it turned my bath a lovely purple colour with a hint of pink. This bomb contains so many ingredients and you can read it's full contents on the Lush website. A few of them are Grapefruit Oil, Almond Essential Oil, Bergamot Oil (Which I love) and Popping Candy.. Why it contains the popping candy, I'm not quite sure. As a bath bomb goes it was alright.. the only reason I would purchase it again is because it made my bathroom smell like refreshers for the week it was sat in there. Not really a good enough reason to repurchase. 

I'd absolutely love some recommendations as I'm such a newbie! 

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