Saturday, 4 January 2014

My First MAC Pro Palette Quad

I've been umming and ahhing over a MAC Pro Palette for a while. I've used their eyeshadows for years but could never justify purchasing the 15 Pro Palette plus the insert. So the Quad Pro Palette was quickly put in my shopping bag as were four of the eye shadows to fill it. 

(From left to right is - Shroom, Naked Lunch, Honey Lust & Antiqued)

The palette itself is matte black with a clear, plastic lid with the MAC logo in white across the lid. The insert is magnetic and pops out easily when tapped with a little force. In other words your shadows aren't falling out anytime soon. As you can see I've gone for a neutral palette. I'm obsessed with neutral shades and couldn't imagine using much else on my eyes. 

I'm a massive fan of MAC eyeshadows. They're creamy, highly pigmented and blend perfectly. I think you would be hard pressed to meet anyone that can't get on with a MAC eyeshadow. 

A soft beige shade which I've read so many rave reviews on, it had to be the starter in my neutral palette. I find it works really well as a base and also just under the brow arch.

Naked Lunch 
I've been wearing this shade almost every day since I first purchased this back in March 2013 and I'm now on my third one. It's lovely to blend with, use as a base or just to wear on its own for a day look.

Honey Lust
When I first spotted Honey Lust, there was no way I wasn't leaving the shop without it. It sparkled and glittered. And I was sold. It's a lustre shadow which works really well on the crease of the lid and in the corners. The only downside is that it needs quite a bit of product to get the same colour that is in the pan.

This is the perfect Autumn colour and I instantly fell in love. It is a warm, copper shade and works very well at making my blue eyes pop! This one also needs a bit of build up to get the desired colour but with a bit of blending its beautiful and one that I will be repurchasing. 



  1. Hi dear,
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    Thanks x

  2. Lovely palette, lovely colours! With Mac I get slightly overwhelmed- so many choices! I think if i bought a Mac quad (and had the money!) I'd get a quad with Quarry (Matte taupe), All that Glitters (Peachy champagne), Woodwinked (shimmery chocolate), & Blanc Type (White)
    xx Ali

    1. Ah I'm the same! I want them all! My boyfriend got me 'Naked Lunch' and Christmas money managed to cover the rest thankfully. Woodwinked is one I've had my eye on recently! xox

  3. This is such a nice palette! One eyeshadow that I really like from MAC that kind of falls in between Naked Lunch and Honey Lust is All That Glitters. It seriously a shade that just matches everyone!

    Susan | Susan Loves...

    1. I've seen a lot of people mentioning All That Glitters .. Going to go and have a nose tomorrow and see what it's like. Thanks for commenting xox

  4. I love all of these colours! Especially Honey Lust. Great post, I can't believe you have only just started! xox


    1. Honey Lust is such a gorgeous colour! I couldn't stop looking at it so it had to come home with me! Thanks for commenting! xx


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