Monday 6 January 2014

Stagedive by Topshop Beauty

I'm fairly new to the Topshop nail range and this is my first polish. My sister works in Topshop and picked this up for me for my birthday as I'd mentioned how much I loved the colour. It's a gorgeous, rich orange called Stagedive.

It's described as being extra long wear with a lasting glossy finish. Thankfully, it's also pretty fast drying which is perfect for me as I'm a big fidget and always smudge my nails. You need a couple of coats of this to get a good colour but it does leave a nice glossy shine on your nails. I LOVE this colour and it will be gracing my nails again in the Summer months.

In regards to it's long wear, I was quite impressed. It did chip quite a bit by day four as you can see in the final photo but that was after two days of work, baths, showers and a hair wash. I've popped a couple of photos on of how it looked over the other days I wore this.

The other good thing about this varnish is that it comes off so easily! Quick wipe with Boots basics nail varnish remover and it was gone! The brush on this is a little bigger than usual brushes which I personally like and it's quite flat too. Perfect brush combination if you ask me!

Please leave a comment if you've tried any Topshop nail varnish or recommended any colours for my future collection.

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