Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Most Popular Lip of the Year, Maybelline Baby Lips

Unless you've been living under a rock for most of 2013, you would of heard of Maybelline's latest venture Baby Lips. They retail at £2.99 in most drugstores which for a simple lip balm is on the pricey side. I'm use to picking up a pot of Vaseline for 99p. I couldn't resist the child like packaging, the bright colours and a buy one get one half price offer in Boots, I along with everyone else picked up some to try. 

My local boots were down to the last dregs by the time I got there so I only managed to pick up Intense Care which as you can see from the above photo I have repurchased. Next on my list to try were the tinted balms. I got Pink Punch and Cherry Me again when they went back on offer in Boots. I'm not a massive fan of tinted lip balms and find these are a bit too pink on my lips. 

Pink Punch is a Barbie pink colour and leaves a really pigmented bright pink tint on my lips which surprised me as I didn't think it would be that noticeable. Save to say I'm not a fan and felt a bit like a child with those tiny lipsticks you could get in princess packs. Cherry Me is a deep pink colour and leaves a raspberry tint on the lips and smells like cherry drops. Out of the two, I use Cherry Me the most because of the smell but that's it's only good quality and I only use on it on my lips before bed.

I have most recently picked up Hydrate and another Intense Care because they're handy to keep on me while I'm at work and they also contain a SPF.They promise to give intense care and hydrate your lips for 8 hours but I find myself reapplying a lot more frequently than that. My lips do feel softer but it feels as if there is more a film over my lips than any soaking in goodness.

For their price I'm pretty disappointed in this product. I did repurchase Intense Care because of the Boots offer and like I said they're handy for work but that's about it. I'm a big Vaseline fan and always have been and these have not converted me to change my little metal tin ways.

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