Wednesday 29 January 2014

January Empties

I've always loved empty posts because I feel like a product must really be worth it, for someone to finish it. You're either going to discover a product you absolutely love or one you would never repurchase again. So here is my very first empties post, take a peek at what I've used up recently. 

Heel Genius
I love this foot cream. It has a subtle mint smell and soaks in really well. I've always received this in gift sets for Christmas so have never had to buy my own and I have a fresh tube waiting in the wings from this Christmas! If I ever have to purchase this myself I will happily do so. Can't go wrong with S&G!

Dove Essential Nourishing Lotion
This is the second time I've finished one of these but I wouldn't repurchase again. It's too thick and it takes an age to soak in and I just cannot be bothered standing around waiting for it to do so. It smells quite pleasant and it's usually on offer in Boots which is why I picked it up in the first place.

Garnier 2in1 Make up Remover
I love this stuff. You just shake the bottle to mix it together, squirt some onto a cotton pad and let it melt away the days make up and grime. I've stopped using make up wipes since finding this and it's pretty cheap too at just £2.99 in most drug stores.

French Connection Bath Foam
This was in a gift set I was given for Christmas and I wish this was general sales line in Boots! This bath foam smells amazing, makes the biggest bubbles and left my house smelling amazing for hours! If anyone sees this anywhere, PLEASE let me know!

Nivea Pure & Natural Day Cream
I'm a bit lazy when it comes to face moisturiser. Terrible isn't it? But the last few months I've got my act together and picked this up for £3 in Asda to try out. It smells.. well natural. Like a field I spose. It's rich and left my face feeling very smooth!

Simple Repair Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream
Again this is one I picked up on offer as I thought if I was moisturising in the morning I better get one for night time too. Simple is fab for skincare, I have always used their face wipes and I would repurchase this.

Superdrug 2in1 Hand & Nail Cream
This was a little stocking filler, smells amazing, handy to pop in your handbag and one I will be buying again soon!

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I don't need to say a lot about this other than this is the best mascara I have used. I love, love, love this and will be running to my nearest Benefit counter to repurchase.

Bastiste Floral & Flirty Blush
I love dry shampoo because I hate washing my hair. It's long, thick and takes forever so if I'd rather spend my night on the sofa than spend ages washing and drying my hair this little baby comes out. I always use this before bed so all the powdery bits have disappeared by morning. It gives volume and smells really floral.

VO5 Plump Me Up
I picked this up because it was a new line I had ordered at work and I was not impressed. It doesn't plump, it doesn't refresh my style and it doesn't banish greasy roots. It has an amazing scent but that is the only quality!

Aussie Take The Heat
Who isn't a fan of Aussie? I have used this so many times over the years and it's one I always go back too. Boots 3 for £10 offers always help too!

Aussie Miracle Moist
Another little Aussie treat.. need I explain more! I love Aussie!!

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