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Pixi Pretties - The NEW collection for 2021

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The time has come for another Pixi Pretties collection and I think this is the one that has totally divided me! Over the years, Pixi has teamed up with some much-loved influencers to release the Pixi Pretties Collections and the latest instalment features four gorgeous makeup palettes. 

Created by Denise, Louise Roe, Promise and Tina Yong have helped co-create each of the palettes alongside Pixi's very own Petra and I can guarantee you're gonna love at least one of them. The must-have collection is available to buy now and here is what you can choose from...

The multi-use glow palette is a beauty - I've reached for this one the most the last few weeks as I just adore the shades. The palette has been created with a natural mineral pigment formula that gives the ultimate radiance and luminosity to the face. 

There are nine universally suited shades to choose from, designed to suit all skin tones so with a swish of a brush you'll have the most luminous skin especially as each of the shades has been designed to be mixed together or used on its own. 

The shades I've been reaching for the most are Lit, a gorgeous champagne pop, Sunstone, a subtle golden hue and Icing which has a touch of pink to it. It's such a great palette to help you glow as it's so versatile. 

Promise + Pixi Shapeshifter Contour Palette (£20.00)
Next up we have the Shapeshifter Contour palette by Promise and Petra - designed to bring out your best features and sculpt your cheekbones, eyes and nose. The shades are universally flattering, sheer and easy to blend for the ultimate finish. 

Personally, I'm not a fan of this - there's too much matte and not enough highlight options in a single palette and for me, I don't contour so it feels a little redundant as I wouldn't use half the shades. I'm not sure that anyone still contours to be honest. 

Potentially great for some but a waste for me, unfortunately. 

If multi-shade eye shadow palettes are more your jam then you're gonna love Tones & Textures. Featuring 25 oh so gorgeous shades that'll take you from day to night, it's been created with a mix of natural to vibrant colours in textures from silky mattes to oh so glowy metallics.

Each of the shades are super blendable, highly pigmentated and will help you create any look you desire from just one palette. There are only five shades out of twenty-five I wouldn't use, oranges and blues just aren't my thing but the rest of the palette is gorgeous and I'd get so much use out of it.

It's a great palette to have in your stash for any eventuality. 

For the last product in the latest Pixi Pretties collection, we have the Cream Rouge Palette created by Louise Roe and Petra. The cream colour palette is designed with a multi-use formula that can be used on lips solo or you can mix with other shades to create your own unique shades. It can also be used to dab on cheeks for a quick flush to your complexion. 

The palette features twenty-five shades from the softest of peach neutrals to a deep plum red - it's very pink/red-based so won't appeal to everyone. Palettes like this aren't the easiest to use if you're expecting to top up your lip colour during the night too so I feel as though this is a real marmite addition to the collection. 

Each of the palettes are available to buy now online - I found going direct with Pixi the easiest! Let me know what you think and if anything takes your fancy, I think the Denise palette is gonna be a winner! 



  1. I love the look of the Glow Radiance palette, the shades in that are beautiful! I'm with you on the contour palette, I would want more highlighter and shimmery options than just matte options x

    Lucy |

  2. I’m on the fence with the lip palette, I like it but I don’t love it and it’s not something I can carry about easily, so I don’t think I will using it a lot x

  3. The Denise palette would definitely be my go to! The shades for me have the perfect balance of wearability and pizazz! I really like the more plum shades in particular. X

  4. OMG these palettes are just so beautiful, they look super pigmented.

  5. Those blushes are absolutely perfection. I treated myself some new Pixi bits last week and I can't wait to try them all out!


  6. Oooh those palettes are stunning, I really love the look of those blushes!

  7. I have to say that this is my least favourite of the Pixi Pretties collections - it just hasn't wowed me x


  8. That bronze-gold in the centre of the eye palette is dreamy!

    Jasmine xx

  9. That Glow radiance palette looks unreal, I probably would say that's the only palette that has stood out to me. I definitely need to buy it. I agree with you on the lipstick palette, imagine carrying it around on a night out to top your lipstick up haha x

  10. Oh I do love Pixi, they never seem to miss the mark.

    Emmy |


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