Monday 16 August 2021

Need to soothe tired, pregnant feet? You need these four products from Lush Cosmetics

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Pregnancy can be hard on the entire body but I've found with both pregnancies, it is my feet that take the brunt of it, especially towards the end. Thankfully, my feet haven't swollen like they did last time but they've still needed a little rest and recuperation in the evenings and this is where some oh so fabulous products from Lush Cosmetics have really helped. 

There have been four products that have been my go-to and I really would recommend them to any pregnant person if you need to give your tootsies a break. 

It's the perfect excuse to lay back, have a pamper and put your feet up!

First up is a super pink lotion with rave reviews - Pink Peppermint is a silky treatment containing relieving arnica, soothing tagetes, and zingy peppermint to really give feet the treat they need. It has a gorgeously fresh smell - you really can't go wrong with peppermint especially as it leaves such a nice warmth on feet (pop it in the fridge for a soothing treat when it's hot outside!). 

I've found using this gives my feet such a refreshed feeling, keeps them super smooth and it has really softened my feet. I alternate this with a couple of other products I'll mention below but so far, really loving this - I can totally see why it has rave reviews.

If you want to keep feet super smooth then you need a scrub and this little baby is a treat to use! I'm mega ticklish so I find using something like this much more suitable for my feet and the shape makes it easy to use too. It's a wonder of a product that really gets to work on dry skin and rough edges completely relieving them and (almost with a little more work!) revealing softer, smoother skin! 

The palm-sized pumice contains softening coconut oil and sweet orange oil to give it its deliciously sweet scent.  Unlike traditional pumice stones, Pumice Power lathers to help soften the skin, aid the exfoliation process, and of course, cleanse. It's such a great little product.

I wasn't sure about this one at first but after using it around my toe cuticles and sides of my feet, I've totally changed my mind and really like it. A little goes a long way and even after one application I really noticed a difference - everything just looked and felt softer. The balm is perfect for toenails, cracked heels, and dry areas as the castor oil helps to lubricate skin and cuticles while glycerine locks in moisture. Lastly, emollient orange peel wax helps protect the skin.

The best bit? The sweetness of the jojoba oil combined with the orange peel wax makes for an almost orange-sherbet-like scent which is to die for.

Pair this baby with Pumice Power and you have a match made in heaven! 

Ever tried a foot mask that isn't those silly socks? Me neither but this will now be my go-to. Volcano is the foot mask you never knew you needed and as the clay-like mask gets to work it wraps feet in a tingling yet soothing sensation. After a soak or a warm bath, just smear this over feet, wrap in a warm towel and leave for twenty minutes before washing off. The tingling sensation really does feel incredible after a long day on your feet and once washed off, you're left with incredibly soft skin. 

It's a dream to use and really revives tired feet - it's the product I never knew I needed. 

All the products mentioned are available direct from Lush Cosmetics online or by popping in to store. It would make the perfect bundle if you want to treat a pregnant friend! 

Have you used any of Lush Cosmetics feet products? What did you think?

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