Wednesday 4 August 2021

My go-to routine for a blissful slumber

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When it comes to sleep, I've had to work quite hard to find the perfect routine for me especially since having children. At the beginning of the year, sleep evaded me due to my current pregnancy but after looking at ways I could encourage it I feel as though I'm finally coming out the other side. 

I think at times we can really underestimate how much our bodies need to rest and recuperate so implementing little ways to encourage this was exactly what I needed to enhance my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

As a pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, Boots was where I started on my 'get to sleep' journey so I've put together my routine within this handy blog post on what helps me to rebalance and refocus for a blissful slumber.

Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly which can also impair your abilities to concentrate, think clearly, and process memories so making sure you clock up those hours through the night is super important! 

We're all aware of the obvious things like relaxing baths, fresh sheets and putting our phones down but what about those other little tips and tricks?

I don't know about you but I love a long hot shower in the evening and tend to reach for a super, luxurious lavender based shower gel for those evening washes - there's nothing quite like a hit of lavender to calm the senses. I tend to follow this up with a body moisturiser or body oil both of which helps to boost circulation when being massaged into the skin. 

As mentioned within Boot's Slumber Saviours, there are plenty of creams, oils and lotions that help to work their skincare magic overnight leaving you to wake with bouncy and luminous looking skin. Creating a mini facial for myself always works a treat, especially when I use a luxurious facial oil and finish my skincare routine off with Aroma Active's Soothing Overnight Face Balm. 

Next up, choose your essential oil! I've used essential oils for years as my mother is interested in homoeopathy so I always have a few different bottles to hand especially when it comes to placing a few drops on my pillows or in my diffuser. The calming scent of aromatherapy oils always makes for the perfect slumber and you can also use roller balls that apply to your pulse points which you'll be able to smell as you dose off too.

Lavender, sage, and geranium are some of my go-to's - just be sure to check which oils can be blended with others so as not to cause a reaction. 

Keeping with the essential oil theme, pillow mists are also an excellent way to calm the mind and ease away niggles ready for a good night's sleep. Breathing in scents such as lavender, chamomile and sweet marjoram really allows the mind and body to switch off. I always have a quick spritz around our room and on our pillows before settling down for the night. 

Too many distractions can really impair your sleep so I'm a firm believer in switching off my phone and placing it out of reach at night-time. I find I drift off so much easier if I'm not endlessly scrolling - something I'm sure many of us struggle with. Instead, I always make sure I have a book to hand so I can read a few chapters before turning off my lamp, putting on a sleep mask (hands-down my best investment!) and as I suffer from Tinnitus, playing white noise. 

The Boot's Slumber Saviours guide also mentions the use of white noise especially if your roommate has a habit of snoring or your neighbours are being particularly noisy. White noise enables your brain to tune into that rather than what else is going on be it a fan, white noise apps or a standalone machine. 

At Boots, there are so many helpful products and sleep aids to help you get the best night's sleep and you'll notice some of my favourites in the images - I wouldn't be without my trusty Botanics Pillow Mist. 

If sleep is something you struggle with then why not try some of my fail-safe tips above or head to Boots and grab some of your own slumber saviours - you'll be in the land of nod before you know it! 

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