Wednesday 28 April 2021

Introducing Aroma Actives - All You'll Need for Better Sleep

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Sleep... that five-letter word that has evaded me in recent months thanks to vertigo, nausea, and needing to pee. Now I'm coming out the other side, or at least I hope I am I began looking at ways I could encourage a more restful slumber and as a firm lover of sleep mists and lavender, Aroma Actives seemed the perfect place to start. 

The new mind, body, and skincare brand, Aroma Active Laboratories has been created to resilience-proof your day. The brand unites the powerful and therapeutic benefits of modern aromatherapy with natural active ingredients to enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. So whatever life puts in your way - feeling unwell, unable to sleep, an achy body, sore over washed hands and so much more, Aroma Active Laboratories has a product designed to meet your daily needs fast, effectively, and naturally. 

"Life is busy, exhilarating, and sometimes hard, more so now than ever. This range was created from the best ingredients that nature has to offer with our scientific lab know-how, to give a toolkit of solutions to help you find strength and resilience to take on the day ahead, with one less problem to think about. Created for the everyday superhero, created for you."
Anna Teal, Brand Founder

Aroma Active Laboratories is comprised of four solution-led collections each containing natural everyday problem solvers that fit effortlessly into your established daily routine:

Soothe for when your skin is sore, painful, or inflamed and needs some extra TLC

Muscle for everyday aches, pains, twinges, and strains - perfect for after a workout.

SOS for when you're run down and need a fast and effective pick-me-up

Sleep for when you can't switch off at night and too many outside stresses wake you up

The Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep collection is what I've been using for a number of weeks with the range compromising of four sleep fixers that will calm the mind, tune out stresses and help prepare your body for a restful and uninterrupted night's sleep. Each of the products contains a relaxing blend of lavender, valerian, ylang-ylang & balancing Buddhahood - each combined for its calming, centring & relaxing effects on the mind & body.

The natural actives of calming hops and valerian are traditionally used to improve sleep as both have a natural sedative effect plus the potent scent of hops helps to lengthen sleep time. Plankton (in the face oil) regulates the skin's circadian rhythm and protects it from damaged caused by insufficient sleep.

It's a really fascinating range of products that really do help aid sleep.

Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep Mist (£10.00)
I've been a long term user of sleep mists, they just create such a relaxing atmosphere ready for you to drift off and this one is no different. Just spray on your pillow and bedding fifteen minutes before sleep and drift off into a slumber. I find this really helps to induce sleep, much more than others I've tried and the style of the pump allows the mist to really layer across your bedding.

Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep Pulse Roller (£8.00)
If you want something more topical then the Sleep Pulse Roller is excellent. You just apply to wrists or the inside of the elbow so you can inhale as you drift off to sleep. It's a great little tool if you're anxious ahead of a busy day or outside pressures are just getting a bit too much. 

Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep Salt Soak (£15.00)
Bath time just became, even more, relaxing with the salt soak - I love using a drop of oil and salts in a bath as it creates such a warming atmosphere to sink into. These have the most unbelievable smell, intense at first but they disperse in the water perfectly. One of the best bath salts I've tried.

Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep Over Night Recovery Face Oil (£15.00)
Hands up who loves a face oil?! It's one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine and this one really is lovely. The restorative face oil aims to help relax and unwind for a peaceful nights sleep as well as making way for fresher, plumper looking skin. It has a really great consistency and is quite light in texture allowing it to soak into the skin. 

As a brand, they've made some really great sustainability choices on their packaging too:

They've used post-consumer recycled content in as many components as possible meaning that any relevant substrates are partly made up of plastics that have been diverted from landfills - taking away from potential waste to create something new. All of their plastic bottles and tubes contain up to 40% PCR plastic too.

For their use of plastic, they have made sure that all but a few substrates are either PP, PE, PET. These are easily recyclable materials that are accepted via most recycling programmes. They also made a vital design choice not to use any black plastic, which can be difficult to recycle.

For their glass and directly printed plastic products, they have ensured that they go through a minimal amount of finishing processes as well as making sure that their paper and labels are FSC certified.

There's never been a better time to try Aroma Actives especially as they're readily available in Boots stores and online. The hardest part will be choosing what products to try first! 

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