Friday 16 April 2021

NEW QVC Offer : L'Occitane Top to Toe Almond Collection!

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L'Occitane is back with another fabulous offer at QVC UK featuring their much-loved almond collection! The collection perfectly named as L'Occitane's 4 Piece Top to Toe Almond Collection is an ode to the almond trees that lie at the heart of the Provencal landscape and you'd be mad to miss it. 

The 4 piece collection includes the Almond Shower Oil, Almond Milk Veil, Almond Delicious hands, and their brand new, exclusive Shea Almond Liquid Soap! 

The collection is described as being an iconic asset of the South of France, L'occitane's almond trees blossom with clouds of white flowers that drift on the warm Provencal breeze, producing the almond nut; renowned for its deliciously nourishing properties to soothe both body and mind. As part of L’Occitane’s commitment to sustainability, they support the local production of almonds, purchasing the nuts both whole and broken that can be given a second life and used in products such as body scrubs. Furthermore, they utilise the entire almond in their products, and it is said that all elements of the nut have softening, tightening, firming, and smoothing properties.

Almond Shower Oil (£32.00)
This is one of my all-time favourite bath products, I have a small bottle on the go at the moment and it is such a fabulous shower product and super luxious. The oil turns to a nourishing milk once in contact with water and leaves skin so soft.

Almond Milk Veil (£32.00) 
The two in one body milk is a new product for me but I'm already a quarter of the way through. It's enriched with almond oil, almond protein and almond milk making it perfect for softening the skin. It helps to moisturise, smooth and firm the skin and has a beautiful illuminating complex thanks to glistening micro pearls

Almond Delicious Hands (£32.00)
I adore L'Occitane hand creams and usually use the Shea Butter version but this one has amazing reviews so I can't wait to start using it. It's enriched with almond milk and almond oil making sure hands are left beautifully smooth at all times.

Shea Almond Liquid Soap (£21.00)
A world exclusive and a new addition to the range, the Shea Almond Liquid Soap smells incredible, lathers beautifully and leaves hands well-nourished - perfect for all the extra hand washing we find ourselves doing. 

This collection of products is worth £117 and is exclusive to QVC for just £53.96 which is an incredible saving of over £63! You'll also be able to tune in to the live show at 9pm this evening where they'll be discussing the collection in more detail.

Happy shopping! 

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