Friday 9 April 2021

Dr.PAWPAW Balms & Why you need to try them // Now Available at Superdrug

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Oh so familiar skincare brand, Dr.PAWPAW have some news, you can now purchase their products in Superdrug! 

Created back in 2013, Dr.PAWPAW was developed by Johnny and Pauline after their daughter was diagnosed with eczema; They wanted a natural alternative to steroid prescription creams and this was their solution.

Now years later, the award-winning brand has numerous products loved by many especially as the multi-use balm can be used on lips, skin and hair from anyone to grannies and babies, to those with dry skin or suffering the effects of chemotherapy. The original balm is my personal favourite followed closely by the rich mocha balm and now with shops opening next week, it has never been easier to pick up your favourite Dr.PAWPAW products.

The original balm will always be one of my allllll time fave products, I am never without it. I use it for my lips while on the go, my cuticles for when they're a bit dry and even my hair - it has been circulating in my skincare must-haves for years and the range has grown so much since the release of their first product. 

If you're just starting out with the brand, beeline to the balms that are available in 10ml, 25ml and 100ml size options and come in several variations:

  • Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm (£3.95) - the iconic yellow tube is their award-winning multi-tasking balm packed full of pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil.
  • Dr.PAWPAW Shea Butter Balm (£3.95) - my current go-to comes packed full of organic ingredients including pawpaw, aloe vera, olive oil and shea butter.
  • Dr.PAWPAW Outrageous Orange (£3.95) - a tinted alternative ideal for lips and cheeks with pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil. 
  • Dr.PAWPAW Rich Mocha (£3.95) - another tinted balm, rich mocha works well on all skin tones to add a tint to the skin - with pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil.
  • Dr.PAWPAW Peach Pink (£3.95) - my go-to tint, peach pink gives a gorgeous flush to the skin and perfect for something subtle on lips - with pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil.
  • Dr.PAWPAW Hot Pink (£3.95) - hot pink, bold and eyecatching, this particular one is beautiful - with pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil.
  • Dr.PAWPAW Ultimate Red (£3.95) - great for a quick flush of colour to the skin - with pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil.

All their tubes are 100% recyclable and Dr.PAWPAW strives to ensure all their ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced - all products are also cruelty-free and PETA approved. 

They're a really great brand to support especially as their multi-use products are perfect for everyone, for the whole face and body.

There's never been a more perfect time to try Dr.PAWPAW.

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