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Get Super Soft Skin with Typology's NEW Scrubs

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I'm a sucker for a scrub, the scrubbier the better for me and so over the last six weeks I've been putting some new products from Typology to the test. I've spoken about Typology a few times on here and it's a brand I really enjoy using.

Created by Ning Li, the founder of, Typology is completely clean, genderless and 100% digital. The Paris-based skincare brand was founded with a mission to promote critical thinking in the personal care arena, intending to break the rules and demystify the complex industry. It's completely stripped back to basics in terms of ingredients and packaging allowing them to design and produce concentrated, natural products that are active, effective and sustainable without a bit of faff in sight.

It's just really great, faff free skincare and I adore it. 

There is nothing quite like a good scrub in the summer months when you're getting your skin summer-ready especially as h
aving an effective body scrub really helps to alleviate dry and rough skin, ingrown hairs and dullness. Weekly exfoliation is the perfect way to regenerate new skin too!

Typology has two body scrubs available - Toning and Nourishing (£19.60) which is what I have been trialling in recent weeks. The scrubs are best described as a melting exfoliating gel, it has three textures as the gel transforms into an exfoliating oil when massaged on the skin before turning to milk upon contact with water. 

The scrub contains organic sweet almond oil to help nourish, soothe and soften the skin, plus it's high in vitamin E to help strengthen the skin's protective barrier function making it more resistant. Organic lavender essential oil helps to reduce inflammation and improve how the skin heals while apricot kernel powder is a natural exfoliating agent to gently remove dead skin cells. 

Personally, I really like it - I found it surprisingly gentle on my skin and I was more than happy with the results. The texture is smooth, I adore the way it turns to milk and I found my arms especially were really well nourished. It's been excellent on knees and elbows too!

The facial scrubs are quite similar, with three available within the range there will be something to tickle your fancy. I've been using the Regenerating Scrub (£20.40) which is a triple textual transformation scrub, much like the body scrub to help exfoliate the skin, unclog pores and refine skin texture. 

Adapted for all skin types, the rich texture works to nourish and comfort skin without leaving a greasy or sticky finish. It's so lovely to use, I adore the subtle fragrance and it really brightens my complexion. 

The facial scrub contains Squalane which is a natural emollient rich in lipids - it's non-greasy, quickly penetrates the epidermis and works to regenerate the skin's protective film barrier leaving the skin hydrated, softer and more supple. Geranium essential oil helps to aid collagen and firming of the skin while apricot kernel powder works to gently remove dead skin cells without being too abrasive. 

This has really impressed me, the triple texture makes such a difference on the skin, I really like how oily it feels without it being oily and my skin looks and feels brighter - plus it smells fab thanks to the geranium, one of my favourite essential oils. 

You can purchase Typology direct from their website - they're some of my favourite products to order as it's always so beautifully packaging in sustainable packaging. I'll pop the links below: 

What do you have your eye on from Typology?



  1. Have never tried their products! The face scrub sounds like a great option.

  2. I can’t wait for mine to arrive, I’m a huge fan of Typology as a brand and have really liked everything I’ve used so far x

  3. I really love a good body scrub - no better feeling than really soft and smooth skin! These sound fab! It's a brand that I have yet to try x


  4. These products sound great! I'm such a scrubby scrub lover too. I like to feel like a products actually working there and then. I love an oily scrub too, as I feel like my dry skin really needs it!! I'd love to try this brand.


  5. I have never tried this brand but the scrub sounds great! To be honest I was in awe for the packaging as soon as I set my eyes on the first picture! Need to check them out x

  6. I'm loving using their body scrub at the moment - it's so nourishing!

    Jasmine xx

  7. Packaging goals, first and foremost. That scrub sounds like everything my skin needs right now. I love a deep scrub like this.
    Your photos are gorgeous!!


  8. I really love the sound of Typology Alice, their scrubs look amazing! x

    Lucy |

  9. Oooh I really need to try this brand, I've heard amazing things about them from your social media posts!


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