Friday 19 June 2020

The Pixi Retinol Jasmine Collection

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When it comes to retinol, I was a little late on the skincare train - to be honest, I didn't really understand it or know why I needed it. Fast-forward to now and I'm quite the fan! I feel as though we've all heard of it and it seems to be on every dermatologist's top shelf but it still remains a relatively confusing ingredient. 

Retinol is the only proven ingredient to produce visible anti-ageing benefits and it's a brilliant multi-tasker. It aims to increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen and elastin production - it helps to increase firmness, diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and smooth over uneven skin tone. As far as drugstore products go, retinol's track record for plumping out fine lines, polishing away rough skin and fighting off blemishes is unbeaten so it really is worth getting to grips with it. It's suggested to use retinol for three months before really seeing results but it's advised to have a three-month break after that due to research suggesting cell turnover is no longer increased after three months of retinol usage so it's a good one to dip in with every other quarter of the year.

Retinols don't work well on everyone though, you're best to avoid if you suffer from rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis as it can increase inflammation on already delicate skin. Introducing retinol into your skincare routine can seem daunting but there are different strengths which are appropriate for different skin types.

Pixi Beauty's version is a more delicate version, I can't seem to find the exact percentage but after some googling, it seems all the products contain a type of retinoid called Retinyl Palmitate that needs three conversion steps before being converted into the active form of retinol so technically the range does not contain active retinol which kinda begs the question as to why it's actually marketed as a retinol range.

It features six products which I'll go through my initial thoughts below - all the products within the range have a combination of four main ingredients to help smooth your complexion so you have retinol to renew, ceramides to keep hold of that moisture, peptides to plump and firm as well as Jasmine Flower which helps to heal and balance skin.

It's worth bearing in mind that although it lists retinol as one of the main ingredients, the actual strength of it is unlikely to renew anything.

On first look, it sounds like a great collection but I feel as though we've been misled. I only use retinol at night, it's what the majority of products recommend you do but Pixi encourage day and night usage - if you do this then do not forget your SPF, it's so important when using retinoids as they make the skin much more sensitive to the sun which again brings up the question of how much retinol is actually within the range. 

This is marketed as a hardworking cleanser enriched with retinol, antioxidants and ceramides - we already know the retinol part is a touch misleading but pushing that aside as a cream cleanser, it's luxuriously creamy and the soft texture really helps to wash away the day's dirt and grime leaving beautifully clean skin. As a cream cleanser, it's great - as a retinol cream cleanser, it's rubbish as nothing is being smoothed or firmed.

This was one of the first products from the range to be released and I've heard great things but I really don't think it'll be pushing Glow Tonic out of my top spot anytime soon. It promises to be the perfect powerhouse treatment and it does feel nice on the skin - there's not much tightness but again it just didn't quite hit the mark. Glow Tonic personally is so much better for getting that perfect complexion. 

This, as a final step lotion, is great - it's lightweight, has a non-greasy texture and skin feels soft but it's one I've kinda reached for if I'm just pottering around the house. I'm not reaching for it for its retinol benefits (there are hardly any), I'm reaching for it because it's light and to be honest, I have a lot of light creams that already do that job and for cheaper. This really missed the mark for me. 

I actually really like this, surprised? Me too! I love the applicator tube, it's much cleaner but it's quite firm so you really need to give it a push to get any product out. This does actually contain retinol but it's mid-tier in the ingredient list so not very strong which is probably a good thing considering it's for the eye area. The texture is nice and it makes a great eye cream for night-time. I've been using this for four weeks now so haven't noticed the full benefits yet but I'm intrigued to see the results as I continue with it. This is the only product I would recommend from the range. 

I really disliked this - it's too rich, it's consistency is heavy due to the sweet almond oil and it takes some time to soak in as it sits on the skin. I don't find this particularly strong - it contains two different types of retinol but the way they both work means one is useless and one has such a low percentage that it won't really do anything anyway. I love oils, I have tried so many over the years but this just isn't good as an oil or as a retinol product.

The final product within the range isn't a retinol product at all but it is one I've rather liked using. The oil blend is ideal for helping skin recover from the loss of moisture and dullness but I just don't find it as silky or absorbing as others I've used. The formula, however, smells beautiful and really does give a burst of illumination to skin. It's one I'll definitely finish but the likelihood of me repurchasing is low as I have others that do the same that I prefer. 

The Pixi Retinol Jasmine collection has been a major miss for me - I'm disappointed as it is one I've wanted to try for some time so I'd love to know what you thought. I think I'll be sticking with the Hydrating Milky and Glow range! 

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