Friday, 26 June 2020

Lockdown - We've kinda loved it

Anyone else kinda feel like lockdown is over even though it's technically not? 

It's been a weird ol' three months hasn't it - to be completely honest I can't believe we're three months down the line but in some ways, those three months have been quite wonderful. We've missed our family terribly and I cannot wait to give them all a very long overdue hug but for our own little family unit of three, it's been just what we needed. 

This time has been the longest we've all spent together since Arran's paternity finished in November 2017 which makes me kinda sad. Sure we live together and have our evenings and weekends to make memories but in the midst of work, everyday life, chores and everything else we've never just had weeks to do as we please. 

It's been freeing, it's put a lot into perspective and it has really made us think about what we want our lives to look like going forward.

With the beginning of lockdown being drenched in glorious sunshine, it has meant we were able to get out for our daily walk most days - we found new forest walks, gorgeous local areas with stunning gardens and the most picturesque houses, fields to run around and a coastal path to follow. 

It's been lovely just getting out into the world collecting stones and leaves and dipping our toes in lapping waves. Days out to zoos, country parks and theme parks may be nice but only being allowed within our local area has made us realise just how much more there was around us. We've always been the kind of people that will pack ourselves up on a weekend and go out exploring and this has just reaffirmed our love for doing that. 

Talking of nature, we've found ways to implement that within learning games for Joshua such as counting stones, picking out the colours of different leaves and seeing what animals we can spot when we're out and about - we're yet to find the Gruffalo though! 

One thing Arran and I have both loved is watching Joshua develop - it's something Arran misses a lot due to work so instead of me trying to capture photos and videos so he doesn't miss out, he's been able to see if for himself and it's been lovely. 

Joshua has come on leaps and bounds - he's talking so much more, he's nailed his alphabet, numbers and colours and we've just had a lot of fun. Sure we have downtime with Thomas the Tank Engine films and plenty of playing with trains but I feel as though we all need that now and again. It blows our minds that that little dot we welcomed into our lives two and half years ago now sits and has full-blown conversations with us and my favourite thing to do is just watch him play and talk with his trains - he has the most wonderful imagination. 

Lockdown has also seen us try out a lot of new recipes - Joshua is obsessed with cooking so much so we bought him a kitchen for his birthday so we've baked cakes, he's helped me with dinner and he's thrown a lot of bubbles around while washing up afterwards too! Hopefully, we'll nail that Coffee and Walnut cake soon. 

This time has also given me a chance to slow down. In normal circumstances, I'm a stay at home mum during the day and blogger in the evenings - whether that's working at home, out at events or away on press visits. I also run Southampton Bloggers which is a blogging network in Southampton so my time is usually pretty chocker with things to do and having everything cancel one by one in March meant I really did have a lot of spare time all of a sudden and it's been nice. 

I've always read a lot anyway but this has given me the chance to read more, I've started  doing yoga for an hour each day, I've enjoyed quizzes over Zoom with my best friends, I've picked up adult colouring books again and spent time alongside Joshua colouring, I have an embroidery hoop to start and I've tried my hand at baking more adventurous cakes and the weeks I've had to just stop and recharge have been more valuable than I ever realised they would be. 

The last three months have shown both of us how go, go, go we were and not being able to do that has made us take stock of what we were doing, slow down and really appreciate the smaller things in life. 

So what are we going to take forward from lockdown? Quite a bit...

We want our lives filled with love, family and friends, special moments and inside jokes only us three know plus plenty of running wild and cake baking - and hopefully a wedding at some point! 

For me, I'm going to be looking at my job and events differently, I'm going to learn to say no and I'm going to keep (most) of my evenings free for Arran and I rather than sitting at an event I felt I had to be at. I'm excited - lockdown has been the wake-up call I never knew I needed, I just wish it had been under different circumstances. 

Sometimes the smaller things in life really are the most wonderful.



  1. Lockdown has definitely shown me the kindness of neighbours and how much I truly value my family, one thing I can take from lockdown is how creative I have been and I love having more time to focus on my blog! x

    Lucy |

  2. I don't think much will change for me once lockdown has been lifted. To behonest it's probably going to be here for awhile considering we haven't even reached our peak in cases in SA.

  3. I have definitely learnt to stop overspending, especially in coffee shops before and after work. I have realised that I use to waste so much money on a takeaway coffee, and the money I have spare now goes on meat from the butchers and paying off my credit card bills. So yeah, there is a definite plus size to all this x

  4. Missing families has been the toughest things to deal with. It’s been so lovely as you say to get extra time with those we live with. Jack and I have had so much quality time together. I’ve also started Yoga and I’ll definitely take that away with me and keep it up.

  5. Some days I feel like I've loved it and other days I've been going crackers. Its really taught us to slow down and not spend so much!
    Em x

  6. Although I'm glad to be able to see friends and family again, I'm definitely going to be embracing a slower pace of life going forwards

    Jasmine xx

  7. I've loved your instagram on lockdown - its been a joy!

  8. I think lockdown has really encouraged a lot of people to just slow down. It definitely has for me. Although I'm definitely getting a bit bored now and wish things were normal, I haven't hated lockdown that much! x

  9. I've loved it to because it's made me realise that I work an unhealthy amount and rarely have time to travel to see my family or to spend time with friends x

  10. Love this post. I think lockdown has been a bit of a saviour for a lot of people. It's nice to slow down and realise what really matters!

  11. I think a lot of people have been feeling similar things and have decided to slow down a bit upon reflection. It's made me really appreciate that I work from home so my life didn't get completely turned upside down x


  12. Sounds like you guys have had a lovely time during lockdown! I'm definitely making a promise to take more time for myself when I'm back at work. I've rediscovered hobbies I haven't touched in years. we've been out exploring places we never even knew existed not even 10 minutes from our doorstep. It's really been a wake-up call for us too.

  13. You know, I feel completely relieved that I wasn't the only one who actually enjoyed lockdown. Admittedly it was tough for the first month, but I felt like I needed space to sort my shit out (and I'm still sorting my shit out today lol) x

  14. Sounds really nice, I actually quite liked it too because I'm very much an introvert! It actually seems like a massive life/people cleanse aha. Saying that, it has made me realise that there are some people who I like and have missed!
    Really loved the honestly of this post and that someone else actually kinda enjoyed lockdown x


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