Friday 5 June 2020

Latest in Beauty's Beauty at Home Edit

(Features press samples - see disclaimer)

Latest in Beauty is renowned for their collection boxes, they're one of my favourite aspects of the brand and with a global pandemic and lockdown in full swing, the Latest in Beauty - Beauty from Home box (£30.00) was a fabulous idea. 

The box allows you to bring a touch of beauty relief to lockdown and the curated edit delivers all the essentials to keep your beauty needs in check. 

Forget work from home, we’ve got beauty from home covered! Get ready for 15 products (worth over £100) you NEED to survive lockdown. From a toner, mascara and lipstick that will fix your WFH face, to the best hair and skin heroes to up your hydration, the trending concerns have been answered. Access the best in lockdown beauty for only £30.
Latest in Beauty

Inside the box, you'll find fifteen products, a range of samples and full-size items including a Glamglow Facial routine. One of my favourite things about LIB is that their collections feature so many full-size items, there are EIGHT full-size items in this one so you're always getting more than your monies worth when ordering one of the boxes. 

Among the full-size items is the Florence by Mills Built to Lash Mascara (£14.00), a Nudestix Gel Colour Lip & Cheek Balm (£20.00) and No Mo-Stache (£6.50) so you have your £30.00 spend in those three products alone! 

The box features a whole host of fabulous brands, ones I've loved and used for years such as Dr Paw Paw, Kiehl's, Bumble & Bumble and Trilogy. 

You can see my post on some fab products from Trilogy here - Discovering Trilogy Skincare

I'm gonna give you a quick rundown on my top picks from the Beauty at Home Edit: 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil 
I've been an advocate for facial oils for years, they're brilliant for all skin types including oily skin as it can counteract the oiliness. This replenishing oil helps your skin look fresher, more radiant and younger-looking and it also helps to recover skin after a day of stress and pollution. One of my all-time favourite oils! 

Dr Paw Paw It Does It All 7-in-1 Hair Treatment

I've used this since 2016 so can hand on heart confirm how great it is. Upon using this my hair feels smoother and less knotty with a beautiful shine plus with Dr Paw Paw's signature scent of mango and coconut, it keeps my hair smelling gorgeous too.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray 
If there is one product I'm never without in the summer months, it's a sea salt spray and Surf Spray is up there as one of the best (I've tried many!) It helps to give that perfect no effort tousled hair look by adding volume, texture and hold for perfect beachy waves. 

Maxfactor Colour Elixir Lipstick
I've used Maxfactor on and off for years and one thing I've gone back to time and time again is their lipstick. They just manage to create the most perfect range of reds and Ruby Tuesday, that's in this box is one I've used before and loved - it's a good'un!

The Beauty at Home Edit is still available to order now for £30.00 via Latest in Beauty. Delivery is taking a little longer due to the current pandemic but that's the case with everything at the moment. 

It's a great way to pamper yourself at home or you could send one to a friend who is self-isolating!

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