Friday 12 June 2020

My Latest Order from Beauty Pie

Due to not spending out on terrible takeaway coffee and travel at the moment, I've been able to save quite a bit in my after lockdown pot so I decided to treat myself to a Beauty Pie order. I've been using Beauty Pie on and off for three years now and my love for it has certainly grown in that time. 

I remember when I first tried the products in 2017 I wasn't that impressed - the range was much smaller with just makeup and the reviews weren't that great either. Fast forward to 2020 and it seems everyone now loves Beauty Pie, myself included. 

I decided for this order I would purchase five completely new products to me, two recommended by others and three was a total lucky dip so I thought I'd give you a little look into my order.

Flash False Lash Mascara (Member Price £4.75)
I'm a big fan of ultra defining mascaras so the high-definition micro-brush certainly piqued my interest. The mascara aims to wrap fine lashes from root to tip in an intense multi-dimensional colour. Flash False Lash comes in just one shade, Cosmic Black and helps to really separate the lashes allowing you to build without the risk of clumping or clogging. I find the formula quite wet - it does dry quickly but I notice when it's warm it does tend to smudge under my eyes. 

I wouldn't buy it again due to the smudging, otherwise, it's pretty fabulous - I really love the wand.

I usually use a pencil from Benefit Cosmetics but it's a bit ££ and this is pretty much the same thing. The micro-fine tip helps to create hair-identical strokes of colours to give perfect barely-there brows without the block brow look. The no sharpen nib makes it ideal for on the go and the formula is soft but smudge-proof. It's such a great product at such a bargain price. 

I've seen a lot of positive reviews of this particular cleanser so with my current one almost finished I finally popped this in my online bag. Korean skincare is famed for its benefits and this antioxidant-infused gel to oil milk cleansing balm helps to demonstrate that perfectly. I've only been using it over the last week or so but it's super gentle, effective and removes every trace of makeup including waterproof mascara. I wish I'd tried it sooner! 

With Summer approaching I wanted something lighter to wear during the day especially as I'm not wearing much makeup at the moment due to lockdown in the UK so I ordered this little gem. The tinted moisturiser delivers a gorgeous sheer coverage, as well as sun protection, finished with a soft glow. I was a bit dubious about what the shades would be like - I've found previously when there's a limited choice it can be quite orange but the lightest shade, fair is pretty perfect for me. It's been a great little addition to my daily makeup bag. 

We all want baby-soft feet for Summer right? That's exactly why I ordered a pair of the peel socks which are infused with Glycolic, lactic acids, natural fruit extracts plus sweet almond oil and coconut. These are brilliant - you pop them on, leave them for an hour, wash then a week later the skin starts to come away. They're totally gross but super effective and a complete bargain too! 

What have you been ordering from Beauty Pie?

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