Monday 15 June 2020

Dumpling Dumpling Home Deliveries

Dumpling Dumpling has been a love of mine since I first discovered them in 2017 - Mr & Mrs Dumpling opened a pop-up in West Quay and since then I feel as though I've been following them to various street food festivals in the South so I could sample more of their delicious dumplings. 

The idea for the business first came to the pair when after teaching English for 2.5 years in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi called Yulin, they came home and couldn't find dumplings that hit the spot. They started experimenting at home and soon Dumpling Dumpling was born! 

Four years later they've made over 100,000 dumplings by hand, created over 70 original fillings and traded at various events and now you can order dumplings to cook at home which is exactly what I did recently so I could get my dumpling fix. 

With Covid meaning so many small businesses have had to close their doors and totally overhaul what they're doing, Dumpling Dumpling are now delivering hot (if you're on the Isle of Wight) and frozen dumplings right to your door.

They always have a variety of savoury and sweet dumplings including vegan options for you to pick 'n' mix and cook up in the comfort of your own home. We managed to get an order in for one of their Portsmouth and Southampton delivery slots last week so we spent the weekend in dumpling heaven.

To order your very own dumplings, you just need to head over to the website and place your order for frozen dumplings if you're in Portsmouth and Southampton - here it will also tell you when the next delivery slot will be. The dumplings are delivered as a pick 'n' mix box of twelve and you have the choice to pick what dumplings you would like or opt for a roulette so it's a surprise which is what we did. 

You'll be given a two-hour delivery window on the day of delivery and all deliveries are contact-free!

Inside your dumpling delivery, you'll find your dumplings, chopsticks and cooking instructions - we added Thai crackers to our order too as they're our favourite! There's also a menu card so you can determine which dumpling is which - they're all folded a particular way so it's super easy to tell them apart which is handy as Arran hates prawns so I was able to pinch those two for myself. 

Inside our order we had: 
Hoisin Not Duck which is one of our favourites, we always order this one
Buffalo Cauli "Chicken" which was scrummy and Arran's favourite 
Chinese Pork is another firm fave, you can't beat a classic 
Chilli & Garlic Prawn which were so succulent 
Roast Chicken which is filled with roast chicken, potatoes and all the veg trimmings
Nutella & Banana MY FAVE - and all mine because Arran is allergic to bananas, oops! 

Dumpling Dumpling just manages to hit the spot time and time again with new and exciting fusion flavours as well as timeless classics - if I could have them at our wedding, I would! 

You can order dumplings for delivery on their website plus they regularly update across social media via Instagram and Facebook. It's worth following so you're always in the know for new flavours and where they'll pop up next. 

Now... if you could create any dumpling flavour, what would it be?

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