Friday 4 October 2019

Molton Brown Guard Perfume Collection

Fragrance is quite personal, it can take you back to a memory or moment in time which is why I always love fragrances by Molton Brown as they help you tell a story. The new Guard Perfume Collective is exactly that and more. The new collection allows you to explore their new scentscape thanks to a stunning collection of 27 eaux de parfum and eaux de toilettes. 

It's been heralded as a new pioneering movement in British fragrance and a complete industry game changer. The collection went live at the end of August and a little while after a beautiful bottle of Heavenly Gingerlily landed in my hands. 

It's gorgeous and I'm completely in love. 

The collection features unique creations by some of their master perfumers such as Jacques Chabert, Beverley Bayne, senior perfumers Maia Lernout and Sylvie Fischer as well as Jerome di Marino.  The iconic packaging is by Vincent Villegar while the bold aesthetic is handmade by artisans in England bringing a contemporary edge to the brands heritage. It's such a statement bottle and one sat proudly on my dresser.

The sun streaming through the window reflects off of the bottle beautifully.

"My ambition was to express the individual character of each fragrance, The concave reflective surfaces reference the brand's iconic lens and throw colourful distortions reminiscent of 70s pop art. Heavy, smoky brown glass gives the bottle a luxury feel befitting the quality of the scents, whilst each Eau de Parfum cap carries and individual sphere inspired by the eclectic architectural finishes in London's Mayfair, the home of Molton Brown."
Vincent Villegar

The fragrances retail from £60 and you can fragrance match to your perfect scent online and instores now. Molton Brown have developed an interactive profiling tool that charts your emotional response to sensory stimulate so instead of you telling the team what you like, they can tell you. 

It's so interesting and that was how I was matched to Heavenly Gingerlily, something I didn't think I'd like but I was completely wrong because it's beautiful and very me. The Heavenly Gingerlily Eau de Parfum (£110.00) is an intoxicating mix of fresh ginger and cardamom which mixes with tuberose and lily, finished off with cedarwood and vanilla. 

Each fragrance from the Guard Collection comes in the collectible and refillable glass flacon with a one of a kind spherical resin cap. They would make the most beautiful gifts for birthdays or Christmas and I adore that you can refill them meaning you can smell great and reuse your bottle. 

Most of the fragrances are available in Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette apart from Jasmine & Sun Rose, Suede Orris and Vetiver & Grapefruit which are solely Eau de Toilette. 

If you're looking for a new fragrance then you really needn't look any further. Molton Brown have truly nailed the collection 

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