Monday 24 September 2018

Molton Brown's New Fragrance Jasmine & Sun Rose

When it comes to luxury fragrance and bath, Molton Brown is my guilty pleasure. There's something so luxurious about Molton Brown, something that has always stuck with me from childhood. Whenever my aunt use to travel and stay in hotels where Molton Brown was found in the rooms, she always brought back the miniatures for me and it's something that I have always remembered. I find their products so quintessentially British and my love for them has never faltered. So I give you the brand new fragrance from Molton Brown that I've fallen head over heels for...

Jasmine & Sun Rose is the alluring new fragrance from Molton Brown, a fragrance full of mysterious floral notes. The collection features some of my favourite products from a luxurious bath and shower gel to a rich bathing oil. You can also buy the products in beautiful gift sets for friends or family, ideal for birthdays or Christmas. 

Youthful blushes of raspberry and peach contrast with the floral brush strokes of bewitching jasmine and osmanthus. Labdanum and musk in the background create a smooth canvas.
Virginie Daniau, Fragrance Expert

The first piece to note from the latest collection is the Jasmine & Sun Rose Eau de Toilette (£45.00) which now comes in 50ml and 100ml bottles as well as a beautiful box which opens in two. I adore the presentation of their fragrances. The glass bottle is a pretty shell pink shade with gold branding and a gold lid. I have the 50ml bottle which fit perfectly inside my bag thankfully as I haven't stopped wearing this since it arrived. It's light, beautiful and I love the way the bergamot blends with the jasmine.

The next two pieces from the collection I have are the Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel (£22.00) and the Jasmine & Sun Rose Body Lotion (£26.00). I'm a big fan of their bath and shower gels as you need the smallest amount for a really soft lather and the scent lasts for ages too. Doubled up with the body lotion, skin is left incredibly soft and smelling lovely.

Now just to order the bath oil so I can have THE most luxurious and relaxing bath of all time.

You can purchase Molton Brown products online and in stores. You can also buy Molton Brown products in John Lewis Southampton so be sure to have a sniff next time you're near, it would be hard not to fall in love with Jasmine & Sun Rose. 

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