Monday 14 October 2019

What's in Joshua's Trunki

We recently had a staycation in the city which meant Joshua was able to use his Trunki for the first time so it was the perfect time to show you exactly what we packed inside for our little lad. Trunki recently contacted us about designing our very own and with over one billion options, we couldn't wait to get started. 

Trunki is the perfect luggage for children, it;s hand luggage sized and little ones can ride along by sitting on top of the Trunki which will make airport dashes a breeze. There's every colour, animal, creature and theme available and with the option to design your own, you can make yours completely one of a kind. I sat with Joshua one evening and pointed to the different colours and that is how we came up with our blue and purple Trunki with black horns. 

Looks fab doesn't it?

Design your own Trunki (£44.99) is really easy to do. There's a Trunki colour palette where you can choose the body, nose, stripe, horn, handle, hub caps, wheels, cotton bag, shoulder strap and handle! It takes up to 10 days to create and then it's yours. The thing I love about Trunki the most is how durable they are so I just know we'll be using this for years to come. 

For our staycation we packed everything we needed for a night away including outfit changes, pyjamas, toys, skincare, nappies and his dressing gown. There is so much space in each section so you needn't worry about anything not fitting. 

It meant we could keep our case to ourselves too. 

For skincare we packed the Child's Farm Hair & Body Wash, Jurlique Soothing Moisturising Cream and the Love Boo Sleep & Snuggle Spray as we thought it would help if he was unsettled by a different bed for the night. The spray was great and he went off like a light which was perfect as it meant we could then chill out for a few hours before going to bed ourselves. 

Because of the two sections and the whopping 18 litre capacity, I kept one side for clothes and essentials while the other was for books, toys and his dressing gown which he's recently become obsessed with and looks like the cutest little old man while he's wearing it. 

Despite filling it to the brim, it didn't feel overly heavy to carry and we used the handy strap to pull it along too. Joshua also loved climbing on top of the comfy saddle seat to whizz around our room. 

It's just such a brilliant product for children that takes the bore out of travelling. 

You can order your own Trunki direct from as well as shopping plenty of their other products. I've always known the brand for the children's case so had no idea they also sold a lunch range, backpacks, booster seats and extra accessories for your Trunki.

If you're going to be travelling with children, Trunki is definitely the way to go. We're away again in November and can't wait to use it again.

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