Sunday, 27 October 2019

The Kooples X Clarins Lip Comfort Oils

The Clarins Lip Comfort Oils are a product I use daily, my go to has always been the Tangerine but I have tried a number of the others too. They're a unique plant based blend to help smooth and nourish lips with a hint of colour, each one is inspired by Clarins expert face and body oils and are like a mini spa treatment for lips. 

They're very comfortable to wear and leave my lips feeling nourished albeit a touch sticky but as it's not lip gloss sticky I really don't mind them at all. I always have one in my bag floating around for when I need to give my lips a little nourishment. The doe foot applicator is brilliant too. 

So with my love of these fabulous little lip products already firmly in my heart, The Kooples X Clarins collection had me very excited. 

The Kooples and Clarins are both iconic French power houses so to see them both come together really is something quite special especially when it's to transform the legendary lip comfort oils. 

There are two new shades available, Dark Stone which is infused with a golden shimmer and Light Stone which envelopes lips with a light, mirror shine. Both shades contain smart pigments to help bring lips to life and can be worn alone or over lipstick. 

The lip oils are blended with 100% pure plant extracts and each bottle contains the signature blend of organic hazelnut and jojoba oil as well as each being tailored to a chosen oil to enhance the nourishing benefit. 

Dark stone is paired with organic argan oil while Light Stone has organic coconut oil. 

I'll let you guess which one is my favourite. 

Dark Stone and Light stone are available to shop now via and each one retails separately at £19.00 which is the standard lip comfort oil price and are available exclusively online. 

Which one would you choose?

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  1. I've never tried a lip oil. Light Stone looks amazing, I'll be checking them out when I next go to a Clarins counter!
    Em x

  2. Ohhh I love the sound of these, I’m obsessed with lip products. The coconut one would be my preferred of the two.

  3. The pink lip oil looks so pretty! I've been using the Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss lip oils


  4. These sound amazing and I loooove the packaging!

  5. I love the pink toned one although I can imagine the darker one is pretty cool on?!x

  6. I just absolutely love the product names and how well fitting they are! The packaging is so gorgeous and the darker one sounds like it would be my cup of tea x

    Kayleigh Zara 🥂✨

  7. I've honestly never heard of lip oils before, but I am tempted to try them after reading your post! I absolutely love lip products and I feel like these would be right up my street, especially the one with coconut oil!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  8. I've never tried a lip oil but if you could see the state of my lips, I probably should! These look great, I love the packaging too x


  9. How cute is this? I love the formula of these too x

  10. These sound lovely, especially for the winter months! The packaging looks gorgeous too :)

    Kate |

  11. I love the sound of these - perfect for the season! Light stone is well up my street!

  12. I keep seeing an ad for these on Instagram stories and I'm so intrigued! The black one looks really cool, I'm going to have to see if I can try them!

  13. I've never tried a lip oil but I'm very keen to! Knowing me I'd probably go for the light stone one, I love lip glosses but they're so sticky I don't wear them so something similar but not as sticky sounds just right!
    Bella x -

  14. I tried one of their previously released lip oils and liked them x

  15. These look incredible. I'm awful for biting my lips, particularly when they get dry in the winter, so I'd really love to try a lip oil and see if that'll help hydrate them. The light stone one is so beautiful, it looks like it'd go on great with minimal make up too which is perfect!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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