Wednesday 23 October 2019

Joshua's Halloween Box

I was chatting recently on Twitter about Halloween boxes and if they were a thing because I really loved the idea of creating one for Joshua. My idea originally stemmed from Christmas Eve Boxes and so I started researching and didn't find much so I thought I'd just create my own. Joshua is too young for trick or treating and buckets full of sweets so a Halloween Box was the perfect alternative for our little ghoul and to help make things a little spooky. 

For the Halloween box, I've just used an old wooden crate I use to store beauty products in and filled it with black shredded paper before adding all his little treats. I wanted a cute t-shirt, a silly toy, some books and activities so we had a choice of things to do on the day while we watch some cute spooky movies. 

I headed to Primark for the t-shirt as I knew they'd be stocking something seasonal. The selection for boys wasn't great at all but I did manage to pick up this grey t-shirt which says creeping it real on the front. 

It was £1.50 so a complete bargain and it'll be great as a pyjama top too. 

The light up ghost was something I found in Poundland and it just added a little bit of silly to the box. 

For books, we have two fab titles from Usborne Books. You may all know I'm currently collecting all of the That's Not My books for Joshua as they're great for getting to know animals, different textures and new words so when I saw they had released That's Not My Bat I ordered it straight away. 

The second book is Poppy & Sam's Halloween Party part of the Poppy & Sam range from Usborne. They're a beautiful range of books that include stories, sound books and activity books and I can't wait to explore more of the range as Joshua gets older. This particular one involves a lost dog that needs to be found before the Halloween party and the book takes you through peep holes and textured pages full of bats, pumpkins and spiders! 

They're both really lovely and I can't wait to sit and read them with Joshua. 

The final two books within the Halloween box are activity books from Usborne. Little First Stickers Halloween is a great sticker book for toddlers. The book is bumper packed full of reusable stickers featuring zombies, ghosts, spiders and witches that can be stuck on the many scenes throughout the book. There's also a fold-out back cover to store stickers that aren't in use so nothing goes to waste. 

The second activity book is one I'm really excited for and just know we'll have so much fun with. Magic Painting Halloween is full of spooktacular scenes that come to life once you brush with water. It includes sixteen pictures included pumpkins, a witches cauldron and a haunted house and a handy back page with helps stop colours running on to the next page. 

I loved piecing the box all together and I think it's such a cute way to make Halloween fun for little ones especially as the day gets more popular in the UK. 

Let me know if you make your little ones a Halloween box too, I'd love to see what you include in yours too. 

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