Sunday 14 July 2019

Summer Shades from Antipodes Healthy Liptick Collection

If there is one thing this blog is built on, it's my love for lipsticks and trying out new ones is all part of the job description right? Antipodes is a brand I've been aware of for many years, I've used a number of their products and will recommend the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream until the day I die. I've also spent a wonderful afternoon with Deborah Sampson, their global beauty expert talking all things Antipodes so you could say I'm quite a fan of the brand. 

When it comes to Antipodes makeup offerings I'd not tried anything before so with three of their Healthy Lipsticks to try, I dived straight in!

The Antipodes Healthy Lipstick range features an array of shades from the perfect summer orange to a deep berry red and the best bit? They're good for your lips, 

The lipsticks are inspired by natural health supplements, it's said that over a lifetime someone can ingest as many as 3KG of lipstick into their body so with that in mind, the lipsticks are formulated with ingredients that are safe to consume and are healthy! 

They contain some of natures finest superfoods such as avocado oil, calendula oil, evening primrose oil and argan oil as well as antibacterial beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Think essential fats, moisturising minerals and the ultimate hit of hydration in one handy bullet of colour. 

There are twelve shades with names inspired by New Zealand and the South Pacific all with a hint of shine, formulated to suit anyone, any complexion, anywhere and anytime! The box the lipsticks come in are also made from 100% biodegradable cardboard from sustainable forests. I really love how Antipodes are so pro-active when it comes to sustainability. It's one of the many reasons I go back to them time and time again. 

The first of the shades I have is Golden Nectar Bay (£21.00), inspired by New Zealand's beautiful Golden Bay, it has hints of peach and honey for a unique nude shade. I'm a tad too fair to pull this off fully but I've found if I apply a balm then a dab of this, it gives a soft, nude tint to lips. 

My next shade is Dragon Fruit Pink (£21.00), I adore the shade name and as someone that isn't a pink fan, this is my favourite shade out of the three. It delivers such a gorgeous pop of pink to lips and its namesake is perfectly represented in its vibrancy and colour. It's smooth to apply, leaves my lips feeling light and it's not overly shiny something I was concerned about as a firm matte formula fan. 

I like Dragon Fruit Pink... A LOT. 

The final shade and the one I thought would come out top for me is Forest Berry Red (£21.00). In the bullet it is beautiful but it's not a true red for me as it's much warmer than what I prefer. It is exactly how Antipodes describe it though, a wild and warm based red which represents the forest bright berries of New Zealand. If warm reds are your jam, this is for you. Again, the formula is incredible, applies really well and it doesn't bleed which is such a biggy for bright reds but for me, the shade just wasn't quite right. 

I think Ruby Bay Rouge is more my kinda red. 

There's a few more shades I have my eye on, especially Piha Beach Tangerine that I'm gonna snap up soon because I really can't fault the formula. Seems Antipodes can do lipstick just as well as they do skincare just as I expected. 

If you haven't tried Antipodes yet, you really must! They have such dreamy products that always deliver results and their ethos are brilliant. It's a brand I'd love to see more people using. 

What is your go to lipstick shade in the summer months?

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