Friday 26 July 2019

An Old Beauty Classic

I think we're all pretty familiar with Lanolin and its skin wonders. It's actually something I was allergic to as a child but have been able to use in my later years. Lano is one of the leading lanolin brands and was created by Kirsten Carriol after an idea stuck on a long haul flight. Raised on a sheep farm, her father who was a DNA scientist had taught her that lanolin, from wool mimics human oils making it the perfect tool for the skin. 

The 100% natural substance can be found on the wool of sheep, it helps keep their coat protected and dry throughout the year and is obtained after shearing which needs to be done so sheep don't end up too hot and the coat too heavy. Lano has received countless awards over the years for their products with the original Lano 101 voted best in the world so I just had to explore the brand that little bit more this year.

The Lano Everywhere Multi-Cream (£10.99) is one of those all over everything products, it is so versatile and can just about do anything. The lanolin-based cream helps transform dry skin keeping it nourished and hydrated leaving skin super silky. The rich cream can be applied everywhere and be used as a day or night cream, hand cream, eye cream and body cream. You can even mix it with your foundation to create a tinted moisturiser. It contains a unique molecular structure that mimics skins lipids as well as vitamin e and milk to really help condition skin. I've been using it on my cuticles and it has been helping my torn skin so much! 

For hands, the Rose Hand Cream (£9.99) has been my most reached for hand cream this year. It's won over fifty awards and I can totally see why. The beautiful rose-scented cream soaks into the skin leaving your hands soft and hydrated. It's light, not overly greasy and leaves my hands oh so soft. 

It comes in a 120ml tube so it's going to last me for ages too! 

The lip products are where Lano really come into their own for their much loved Lanolips range. The 101 Ointments are my go-to because they're fun, fruity and leave my lips incredible. I have the Peach 101 Ointment (£7.99) which is a juicy peach super balm containing peach kernel oil as well as lanolin and a combination of vitamins for luscious lips. It's great for dry lips, skin patches, cuticles, nasal passages and so much more. It's just a really fab multi-tasker that gives the best results. 

If you want something with more of a tint then the Hydrating Lip Luminiser (£8.99) will be your cup of tea. It comes in two shades, Desert Glow and Beach Pop. Both give a gorgeous pop of colour, a subtle hint of shimmer and a burst of hydration. I'm not one for gloss so I don't reach for this that much but if I want a little more colour in the evenings then this is a great tool to have to hand. 

The Lano range has something for everyone and is available in most beauty retailers. If you're looking for a first step into the brand then I would really recommend the 101 Fruity Ointments, Coconut is screaming my name at the moment! 

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