Monday 8 July 2019

What I'm Using in My Shower

The products I use in my shower are the ones I reach for daily, the ones that I love and the ones I more often than not repurchase right away. I love reading posts like this because for me, for someone to reach for a product daily, it has to be good right? 

They'll be some familiar brands such as Soap & Glory and Aveda to some not so familiar brands like Evolve but who each need their moment in the spotlight. There's hair, skin and a handy reusable face cloth so I'm hoping you'll find something you will want to try.

I've used Decleor shower gels for a number of years, they're luxurious and smell incredible so when I step out the shower I always feel truly pampered and my skin feels super soft. My all time favourite is the Aroma Cleanse bath and shower gel which I can't seem to get hold of anymore but if my senses are correct, the new Lavande Fine Bath & Showel Gel (£18.00) smells almost identical. The one in my shower at the moment is Rose D'Orient Bath & Shower Gel (£18.00) which has a subtle rose fragrance thanks to the rose essential oil. It lathers well and creates the softest bubbles that seem to melt into skin.

I just really love having a luxury shower gel to start my day.

The next product I always have to hand in my shower, especially in the summer is a body scrub. The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush (£8.00) is one of my all time faves! I've gone through countless pots of this over the years because it smells incredible and the formula just does the job wonderfully. Sugar Crush is made up of crushed macadamia grains blended with sweet lime oil and almond oil to give skin a good refresh without stripping away vital oils. 

It's a classic and one I have to protect from Arran at all costs!

I'm using two cleansers in my shower at the moment, the first is the Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser (£24.50). I first tried this during a facial at a spa and I loved it so much, I bought it as soon as I came home. I find it incredibly soothing, it smells beautiful and it really helps to just balance out my skin when it's not looking its best. My back up is already sitting and waiting for when I finish this one. 

The second cleanser is by Evolve Organic Beauty, the Gentle Cleansing Melt (£22.00) that turns to a milky cream once mixed with water. It soothes, it calms and hydrates which makes it great for this time of year. I apply the jelly like balm, mix with water and then wipe away using a Magnitone Cleansing Cloth (£15.00) which comes in a two pack. It's just a really great all rounder and if you're looking at getting into organic skincare, Evolve is the perfect place to start.

I'm the first to admit I'm totally boring when it comes to my hair, I never wear it up unless I'm running around at home and when I want it curled for something special I go to see my friend at GHD who does it for me. As I wear it down alllll the time I need it to be in good condition so hair care is important to me. I'm a dry shampoo gal at heart but when I wash it I like to give my locks some tender, love and care so first up is cult beauty favourite, Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer (£21.50). I'm using Coconut Breeze at the moment which is summer in a tube but I do have an original one of the go too.  

It's a pre-cleanse formula which just helps hair look and feel its best by improving elasticity, manageability and bounce while giving hair an all over shine. You just use this before shampooing and you're done! It's brilliant, I can't even begin to explain just how brilliant and if you haven't tried it then you need to track down a sample and give it a go, I promise it'll change your hair life. 

For shampoo and conditioner, I always turn to my old favourites Aveda. I've been using Aveda for the past five years, before that I used to just grab anything on offer but after going through a rough patch with my hair, quite literally I needed to start listening to it and get the right products. The Aveda Shampure range is my favourite because it helps nurture the hair, gently cleanses and leaves a weightless feel. It's also infused with my favourite Shampure aroma of 25 pure flowers and plant essences, it's natural and it's pretty darn good. I also have the dry shampoo from the range and it's fab! 

If you have an Aveda counter near you than it's really worth popping in and talking to them about what you want from your hair and how you can achieve it using their products. They're really helpful.

There's a little run down of what's in my shower right now and what I'm reaching for the most. What are your go to shower products? 

Have you tried any of mine?

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