Monday 15 July 2019

New On My Beauty Shelf

A new season always brings some new beauty bits and I have a little collection of skincare-loving beauties to show you today I'm sure there's at least one you'll be adding to your to-buy list by the end of this post. As I've got older, skincare has definitely been where I've made the most effort, I'm all for ageing gracefully but there's nothing wrong with a little help along the way so discovering the latest beauty treats has fast become my favourite pastime. 

I have five products to show you with one of Clarin's all-new face scrubs being number one...

Clarins has just launched three brand new face scrubs each designed for a different skin concern in mind. There's Comfort Scrub for dry, sensitive skin, Pure Scrub for oily, blemish-prone skin and Fresh Scrub for thirsty, dehydrated skin. I've been using Fresh Scrub which is a cream-to-gel formula that my skin just laps up. It helps remove impurities and dead skin cells revealing fresh and radiant skin thanks to the multi-sized natural beads. It also contains an organic leaf of life extract which encourages the synthesis of sponge molecules in the skin to help boost the skin's natural hydration process. I've been using this for a few weeks now and really like it, my skin feels great after use and the natural beads don't feel too harsh but still give a good scrub. It's a little pricey but a little bit goes a long way. 

This is summer in a tube! It's a beautifully perfumed body lotion with a slight shimmer that moisturises and softens skin. It's packed with six natural oils such as Argan, Camellia, Macadamia, Evening Primrose, Sesame Seed and Almond that just gives skin a summer overhaul. It's non-sticky, absorbs easily and my new best friend, I don't think my legs have ever looked so good!

Tranformulas Flawless Photoglow (£55.00)
I probably wasn't as excited about this as I should've been because my skin is looking pretty glowing after using this for the last two weeks. Shocked? Totally. Products with big promises make me a little bit sceptical and as this is formulated by the latest cosmetic drone technology I'm sure you can understand why. The cream is actually really nice, it's light, doesn't feel tacky and my skin seems to love it. The added SPF30+ broad spectrum protection is also a plus. It promises to increase the skins glow by 100% after two weeks of use as well as improve luminosity by 80% after two weeks but I find I use more than necessary because of the pump action bottle so I'm wasting product more than using it.

Is my skin glowing? Yes. Do I think it's pretty expensive? Yes. I do like it but not enough to spend £55 on another bottle.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Neck Cream £42.00
Forgetting your neck when it comes to moisturising is something so many do without realising, it's something I was always taught to do from a young age so you won't see me rocking a turkey neck in years to come. The It Cosmetics neck cream is 80ml of orange goodness which helps transform your neck, neckline and chest by improving firmness, smoothness and elasticity. It contains fucoidan seaweed extract, shea butter and a Tri-Structural Complex composed of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid which is the ideal remedy for younger-looking skin! I like it, a lot. It's the first skincare piece from It Cosmetics I've tried and I now really want to explore the rest of the range.

L'Occitane Face Masks (£29.00 each)
I recently shared a post on the L'Occitane Mineral Moisture Mask and hot on the tails of that one, come two more new face masks! The Purifying Face Mask (£29.00) is green in colour a la Shrek and is my preferred of the two. It's great for normal, combination and oily skins as it helps give a renewed look to skin. It contains freshly cut organic thyme from Provence as well as zinc to help diminish imperfections. It has a purée-like texture and just feels so soft on skin as there's no tightening, it's just like a blanket for the skin. It leaves my skin soft, semi-matte and just more refined. It's a big 10/10 from me!

The second mask is Soothing Face Mask (£29.00) which is the first of the two I tried. This one has a yoghurt-like texture and is formulated with freshly picked blackcurrants as well as being rich in magnesium and calcium. It calms and comforts skin leaving it fresh and plumped. I do quite like this one, it really is like applying yoghurt to your face so you can imagine how soothing it is, I just didn't like how the little bits of blackcurrants got everywhere. Maybe I need to be more careful at applying it and of course that doesn't make a difference to the overall results I just found the Purifying version less messy and more suited to my needs.

All the products featured are available to buy now - the big question is which one would you choose?

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