Wednesday 31 July 2019

First Look at the Pixi Vitamin C Collection

When it comes to skincare, Pixi Beauty knows a thing or two and with a brand new range full of skin brightening products, I thought I'd give you a little rundown of what's what in the new collection. This isn't a full review as I haven't had the chance to properly use the products for long enough, think first thoughts and what I think I'm going to love the most. 

Spoiler: Probably all of it! Pixi Beauty can do no wrong for me! 

The Vitamin C Collection features six products in total, the five new ones I'm showing you in this post and the Vitamin Wake Up Mist which has been out for a couple of years. The mist is a great little product for an instant skin boost to awaken the skin, I keep mine in the fridge so it's extra cold! 

The main aim is to brighten and invigorate skin leaving you with an unbeatable glow to even rival their legendary Glow Tonic. 

First up we have the Vitamin C Juice Cleanser (£18.00), a brightening cleansing water with stable Vitamin C for a potent antioxidant effect. The cleansing water contains ferulic acid and probiotics to help preserve and protect the skin, while the orange flower water gives it a sweet scent. Skin is left clean, clear and brighter when used daily with a reusable cotton pad. 

The Vitamin C Tonic (£18.00) comes in 100ml and 250ml and works as a brightening toner much like its punchier cousin Glow Tonic. The solution helps promote healthy collagen production and help boost skins luminosity. It's great for all skin types and the probiotics help fortify the skins barrier while willow bark & fruit extracts gently exfoliate.

It's a great solution that I'm enjoying reaching for in the morning. 

The creams and balms are some of my favourite products from Pixi Beauty because they make my skin feel so soft and nourished and these two are no exception. The Vitamin C Lotion (£24.00) comes in a bright yellow tube and promises to brighten skin, boost luminosity and give a subtle glow to skin. It's light, soaks in well, doesn't feel tacky and it's suitable for all skin types. It's best used daily, I tend to reach for this in the mornings at the moment to give my skin a little boost to start the day. First impressions? I really like it and I think in time it could become a real favourite. 

The Vitamin C Caviar Balm (£24.00) is an encapsulated vitamin mask with vitamin c and ferulic acid. It's a leave on mask so you just massage into skin allowing the encapsulated vitamins to melt into skin. You don't need much at all, a couple of times I've used this overnight so the balm can really soak into skin. When I've done this I've woken up with the softest skin that looks happy and bright which after a night of broken sleep, it's exactly what I need. I don't love this as much as other Pixi mask I've tried but it's still a good'un I'll be keeping around. 

The final product is what I was most excited about, I love oils and serums and Pixi have some really great options for various skin concerns as well as all skin types. The Vitamin C Serum (£26.00) is a brightening concentrate containing vitamin c to brighten, ferulic acid antioxidant protectant and probiotics to strengthen and balance. Use two to three drops all over the face daily to help improve skintone and create a smoothing complexion. I'm liking it so far, I don't think it gives immediate effects as the packaging states but I think over time it really could help smooth and brighten my complexion fully. Only time will tell. 

The Pixi Beauty Vitamin C range is available to buy via Pixi, Boots or Marks & Spencer. You just need to try and decide what you'll pick first!

Do you have a favourite range from Pixi? 

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