Monday 6 March 2017

The Nail Shades I Wouldn't Be Without

Way back in my teens I had acrylic nails applied regularly. I'd have them shaped into a french manicure and have pretty patterns painted on them but after starting a job where acrylic nails weren't the best thing to wear, I went back to painting them and haven't stepped foot inside a nail salon since. I've always had an extensive nail polish collection but I always reach for the same shades so today I'm sharing my favourite shades, the ones I'd be without.

I'm hands down a Barry M worshipper and the majority of my collection features the Gelly Hi Shine pots but very occasionally I like to mix it up so you can imagine how impressed I was with myself when five of my favourite shades were five different brands. Mission accomplished. 

The main selling point for me when it comes to TFB other than the pretty shades is definitely the names. They're cool, quirky and fun to say. This dusty medium pink is vegan and cruelty free plus it applies effortlessly to a perfect shade after two coats. You'll fall in love with the formula and longevity of Trust Fund Beauty nail shades, I have no doubt about it. 

I picked Breeze On By up when I was in Spain last year and it was part of Wet n Wild's Summer Collection. The Mega Last formula really is mega last, you don't need a top coat at all with this as it last for five days plus on its own. The powdered blue shade looks beautiful in the spring and it as an eye catching shine to it too. 

I have a love hate relationship with Nails INC, I love their nail polish but hate paying the price for them. I do really love the Gel Effect collection though and have Mayfair Lane on my nails during the week for work the majority of the time. They're ultra glossy and give a perfect gel nail effect without any of the faff of a UV lamp. It dries quickly and lasts a few days too! 

Annika Nail Colour - Shadow Grey £4.20
I hadn't heard of Annika before until I had five shades drop into my hands. The high performance nail shades come in so many colours and the formula really is amazing. They last more than five days on my nails without a top coat, they apply easily with no dragging and they also dry pretty quickly so I don't have to worry about sitting there and doing thing while it sets. Shadow Grey is my most used shade as I find it works all year round, it also goes with so many of my outfits too. 

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Blackcurrant £3.99
Blackcurrant comes in the Gelly Hi Shine range which gives such a glossy finish to the nail. I'm not sure if they've changed the brush on just these or the whole range but the new, wider brush makes it so much easier to apply, less coats are needed and I have less smudges. The one thing I do find with the Gelly Hi Shine range is that they last so much longer without a top coat which I love as it's less work for me. Blackcurrant by far is my most worn shade and I go back to this again and again.

What are you favourite nail shades to wear?

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