Thursday 9 March 2017

Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick

Avon has always been lurking in my makeup bag somewhere, from the minute I started playing with makeup. My mum always had an Avon brochure hanging around and she is still obsessed with it today; From the little Christmas soaps in our stockings every year to the vibrant blue ColourTrend eyeliner I use to love, you could count on Avon for everything. Their products have improved so much and their latest lipstick release is one that pricked up my ears in anticipation.

The True Colour Supreme Nourishing lipsticks* launched in February, featuring twelve gorgeous shades and the first lipstick of its type to combine the True Colour formula with the nourishing properties of a balm. The pigment packed lipsticks help moisturise dry, dull lips without scrimping on colour which is something I've always worried about. 

The ultra creamy formula gives the smoothest of colours which feel unbelievably comfortable on lips. Each of the lipsticks are infused with jojoba oil, honey and beeswax which help restore moisture and hydration to lips. They also help as a barrier to protect lips from drying out while wearing your favourite shade. 

The lipsticks retail for £8.00 each which I think is a bargain! You'll more than likely know someone, who knows a representative for Avon so you'll have no problem ordering the gorgeous new lipsticks. I've been trying out six of the new shades and have found a favourite in Nurturing Nude and you can find all shade details on the ones I have below: 

Nurturing Nude - warm pinkish brown with subtle golden shimmer 
Smooth Mocha - warm chocolate brown
Sumptuous Berry - warm pink red 
Red Creme - cool toned blue red 
Crimson Dream - warm red with subtle golden shimmer
Conditioning Cherry - cool burgundy red 

As I'm such a matte formula fan, it's been fun trying something a little different for a change. I've still managed to get a super pigmented colour on my lips without the worry of them being drier than the Sahara. Each shade has lasted well with only a little wear in the centre of my lips after eating and drinking, no less than I would expect. Avon are definitely on to something here and for the price, you can try a few different shades too. 

What shade would you choose?

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