Tuesday 21 March 2017

Burgundy Bags, Gypsophila & Sunshine

The easiest way to get my hibernating butt out into the cold, is with the promise of pancakes and that is what Arran did on this gorgeously sunny but freezing cold morning. We both had a midweek day off together which was rare in itself so with the lure of syrup I wrapped myself up and stepped outside the house. 

The sun was extremely misleading but this gal had her thermal tights on and a vest! Mum would be so proud. Bills is our go to pancake destination at the moment and as the old walls in Southampton is right by the new development, that is exactly where I posed up a storm. I'm loving the contrast of old bricks and new paving more than I thought I would. 

After visiting the flower market for my trusty brunch of gypsophila, which by the way looks really pretty but smells awful, I flapped around for a bit while the Instagram husband got the shot. I was happy, he was cold and hungry and there were probably some choice words as we walked into the sunshine and into Bills for pancakes. Young love eh?

What I'm wearing -
Grey Faux Suede Verali Boots - Ego Official*
Blue Slouch Dress - Asos
Grey Woolen Coat - Topshop
Coloured Scarf - Primark
Chatswood Burgundy Bag - Marc B Bags
Rose Gold Watch - Rotary

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