Friday 10 March 2017

The Ideal Girls Night In

It's Friday, Spring is in the air, the evenings are getting lighter and I have a big smile on my face. Even more so because this evening I'm having a girls night in with some of my favourite blogging ladies. The best bit? You can join in too!! 

Ideal World, home of well... everything and so much more are hosting an Ideal Girls Night In Twitter Party as well as hosting a three hour event live on their TV channel. Between 7.30-8.30pm you'll be able to talk all things beauty, girlie and pampering with us just by using the hashtag #IdealGirlsNightIn and I can guarantee it's going to be fabulous. You'll even get the chance to win a goody bag. 

In preparation for the evening I was sent the ultimate girls night in treat bag with everything I'd need for the night including fluffy socks, sweets and snacks, the ultimate tan accelerator by Zhuzh! Tan and a gel nail kit by Gel Touch which I am incredibly excited about! Gel Touch are going to be launched during the event this evening for £39.99 so you're going to want to be watching Ideal World TV. 

You can watch Ideal World TV on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812. Live streaming is also available via their website Make sure you don't miss out and use the hashtag #IdealGirlsNightIn.

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