Tuesday 28 March 2017

Five Hair Favourites Worth Your Time

I will fully admit I'm a lazy person when it comes to my hair. I hate washing my hair and I rarely pick up my hair dryer so for me to have five hair favourites is a miracle in itself and one you know you can trust. I have some highstreet favourites and a couple that even I wince at when purchasing but you can bet I'd never be without any of them.

The Protecting One - Lee Stafford Heat Protecting Shine Mist £6.49
I may be lazy but I do always remember the importance of heat protection and I cannot tell you how long I have used the Lee Stafford Heat Protecting Shine Mist for. In my teens, I had a bit of an obsession with all Lee Stafford products because they were pink and smelt amazing, it's such a familiar scent. I use this spray on wet or dry hair before hair drying or straightening. It does take me ages to go through a bottle though as I don't always use heat tools. This really is my fail safe heat protection spray and I wouldn't use anything else. 

The Get, Set Prime One - Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer £17.00
Redken is a hair brand I've been using the last year or so and this pink tube is the time saving treatment we all need in our lives.  The primer and heat protection helps hair by leaving it three times stronger and healthier, has an anti-breakage formula, cuts blow drying time and protects against heat up to 450 degrees. I also find the formula light weight and non tacky which is two of my peeves when it comes to hair care. The packaging is fab too and great for wastage as you just pump what you need. 

This is a new product for me but its boosting little ingredients have certainly helped while I've been battling with shorter hair again. I sometimes find that the roots can be quite flat after I've washed my hair so using this when wet has been a real game changer. You just spritz onto roots then allow your hair to dry naturally or with a hair dryer. This is also non tacky and works a dream, plus it's a bargain! 

When I'm feeling a big pamper session coming on then I always turn to Kérastase. I have such a love for their products, the knowledge that goes into them and their unmistakable scent. My favourite range is Nutritive because each of the products leave my hair feeling incredibly nourished. The Masquintense is such a treat to use. The nourishing mask is designed for fine hair but I find it also works very well on my thicker hair. The mask deeply nourishes, keeps hair bright and soft, protects the hair fibres and makes it less tangled. You can usually find me with this soaking in my hair on a Sunday evening. Pricy but oh so worth it. 

I've been using this peach pot of goodness for the last two years and I'm only just half way through it so that in itself means its cost isn't too bad to me even if I do still wince a little. The powder is equal parts dry shampoo and volume powder which is ideal for all hair types. It has a very fine consistency which makes it ideal for sprinkling onto roots whether freshly washed or in desperate need of one. It makes re-styling hair really easy and it smells good to boot! I would re-purchase this in a heartbeat.

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