Wednesday 15 March 2017

Probably the Best Pizza in Southampton

Heading out for pizza isn't usually my first foodie thought when it comes to dinner with friends but with Franco Manca opening within West Quay's new food development and the talk of the town being it's the best pizza in London, it was only right that I tried it out for myself. Fast forward to muffled appreciation due to my mouth being so full of pizza and a takeaway box of Lemon & Almond cake, it is safe to say I'll be heading back very soon.

Franco Manca is an authentic pizzeria serving up delicious sourdough pizza bases, organic lemonade and some pretty damn delicious cheesy garlic bread. We went along to try our new local after a shopping trip and was so thankful for a sit down and some excellent food. 

We started with olives and garlic pizza bread with cheese which was wolfed down pretty quickly as it was so good. The service was quick and helpful, the food extremely yummy and it was fascinating to watch the pizzas being baked in the oven at 500 degrees for only 55 seconds. 

I had the tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza while Arran had the same but with chorizo. I've tried a fair amount of pizza in my years but this was by far the BEST pizza I have ever eaten. There is no competition. If you're a pizza restaurant in Southampton I'd be worried because Franco Manca is where it is at. 

Having already spied the dessert menu and not wanting to fill up too much on pizza because I knew they had takeaway boxes, I saved half my pizza to eat at home. I ordered the Chocolate Hazelnut cake while Arran opted for the Lemon & Almond but because I was kinda gutted the chocolate cake was served with ice cream and not warm, Arran then gave me his lemon cake to eat instead. The Lemon Cake was incredible and because I gushed about it so much the waitress gave me an extra piece to take home with me too! Win! 

We had such an enjoyable night and I've bleated to everyone that will listen how good it was. If you're a pizza fan then you must try Franco Manca, delicious pizza, crazy cheap prices and a fabulous atmosphere! 

Complimentary meal for the purpose of review - see disclaimer.
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