Friday 27 January 2017

Crown 35 Colour Nude Eye Palette

Earlier on in the month I shared the makeup brushes I've been reaching for most from Crown Brushes and the little lovelies don't just specialise in brushes, turns out they have a pretty fabulous makeup range too. I had the 35 Colour Nude Eye Palette fall into my beauty loving paws towards the end of last year and I've been giving it a good going over before telling you exactly what I thought.

Crown Brush have an unbelievable range of makeup available on their website with the eye shadow palettes being just the start. The Rose Gold Eye Palette is a constant sell out so if you happen to have a browse and it's in stock just buy it. It's the Nude Eye Palette that I've been using and it's just as fab as its shimmery sister. 

The thirty five pan palette contains a variety of light to dark neutrals in a matte finish although there are a few shimmers in there too. The shades include browns and peach tones as well as grey and burgundy. Each of the shades are really versatile, high quality and an absolute bargain. 

All the shades are soft, smooth and easy to work with, some can be a little powdery, namely the lighter shades but when using this palette I really don't notice the fall out too much. I find each of the shades wear well and there's no real difference between the lighter or darker shades with wear time either. It's an all round fab palette and it's slim, matte black packaging makes it great for travelling.

I tend to use my Pro Blending Crease Brush when applying my favourite shades but I do also mix it up with some other brush favourites too. Seeing the quality of this has well and truly pricked my ears up over the rest of their makeup range. 

Have you used anything from Crown's makeup range before? I'd love some recommendations. 

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