Thursday 19 January 2017

Getting Noughty in the Shower

For someone that absolutely despises washing her hair, I have a weird hair care collecting addiction. If I see new hair products or something promising to deliver a treatment like no other, I have to try it and that is why my bathroom is over-run with bottles of shampoo and conditioner. So with Noughty Haircare launching instores towards the end of last year, it was only right I added some new additions to my bathroom.

Noughty Haircare launched last year in a range of pastel bottles and tubes, delicious smelling scents and promises of soft, cared for hair. All their products are 97% natural and bursting with a range of natural ingredients while that pesky 3% is made up of the preservative system which stops products going off quickly after opening, an emulsifying agent to stop the ingredients separating and some lovely fragrance so your hair smells fabulous with every swish. The products are Vegetarian & Vegan as well as SLS, paraben and silicone free. 

There are five sets of products available and I've been testing the To The Rescue range as my hair was in need of some serious TLC due to the cold weather. The range was exactly what my hair needed and it was transformed into the softest, most manageable hair I've rocked in some time.

To The Rescue Shampoo £6.99
For dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Sweet almond and sunflower seed extracts help to transform and smooth splits, snaps and that dreaded frizz into the sassiest hair around.

To The Rescue Conditioner £6.99
For dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Sweet almond, shea butter and olive oil help to transform and smooth splits, snaps and that dreaded frizz into the super soft locks. 

To The Rescue Intensive Treatment £6.99
For dry, frizzy, damaged hair and split ends. Super-quenching shea butter and argan oil nourish and protect hair, leaving it stronger for longer. No water needed, easy peasy!

Noughty Haircare can be found in Superdrug so treat yourself to some new bits and get your hair smelling as fabulous as mine does right now. 
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