Friday 13 January 2017

Pro Makeup Brushes by Crown Brush

The secret to perfectly applied make up is in the brushes you use. My brush collection has grown substantially over the years and now brush washing day is my idea of hell. Some of my favourites range from the eye blending brushes from The Body Shop, the blush and contour brushes from Spectrum Collection and the most recent brushes to my collection designed by Crown Brushes. Manufactured for more than thirty years, Crown know a thing or two about brushes and I'm sharing my faves with you.

I have a range of Crown Brushes from the C505 Angled Contour brush to the C530 Pro Detailed Powder brush. Each of their brushes are soft, synthetic and come in a range of styles, sizes, colours and packaging. The website is a brush addicts heaven. If you're just starting out in the brush game then the full brush kits would be a fab starting point and if you're looking for something more technical then why not try the sponges or blending tools? All the brushes I own are below:

C505 Angled Contour
C530 Pro Detailed Powder/Contour
C522 Pro Highlight Contour
C506 Pro Jumbo Shadow
C507 Pro Powder Shadow
C510 Pro Oval Shader
C512 Pro Sculpting Crease
C509 Pro Detail Concealer

Each brushes is made with the highest quality materials so that they stand the test of time and if you're not sure what the best style is for you then just hop onto their website and have a chat with one of their experts via the live chat, which is excellent.

My crown brushes have fast become the ones I reach for the most especially the eye brushes. The super soft bristles make blending an absolute dream. I've also found the handles easy to hold and not too weighty which definitely helps when applying my favourite makeup. On the website, every brush is listed individually along with a range of details you wouldn't realise you needed such as brush length, tip length and hair type. The entire website is full of information to help you make the right decision when purchasing new brushes.

The price points are really reasonable too and even though I don't need anymore brushes, I'm dying to try The Rose Gold Full Face Contour kit. I'm yet to try oval brushes and these look beautiful. It's kinda hard not to lust after them.

What are your favourite brushes to use? Have you tried Crown Brushes before?

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