Friday 20 January 2017

The Beauty Game Has Changed Forever or Has It?

On December 6th, Beauty Pie revolutionised the beauty game and I'm gunna tell you allllll about it. At Beauty Pie their mission is to bring members the world's best beauty products at transparent factory cost. It sounds too good to be true, right!? 

Beauty Pie are a team of beauty obsessives who have worked in the industry for years. Their everyday mission is to go out and find the best beauty buys from a global base of suppliers and bring them to each of the Beauty Pie members at crazy cheap prices. They don't change their favourite formulas to fit price points or remove ingredients to meet budget. 

The online members only club brings a range of luxury cosmetics at factory prices for £10 a month for a minimum of three months. Each month you are able to purchase £100 worth of products and if you don't use up your allowance, it rolls over to the following month. Still sounds to good to be true right?!

If I'm completely honest, I think it is. Along with my box of products, I was also gifted a six month membership so I signed up to get a closer look at what the deal actually was. They have a range of unbranded products that are believed to be much like the high-end brands we all know and love. The products are listed by the price you would pay for them at factory cost as well as the higher end store price. With your allocated £100 limit you can purchase all the products you want but they add up as the higher end cost rather than the factory price so you're £100 limit goes rather quickly but you pay for them at factory cost price. If you don't use up your £100 limit, if rolls over to the following month. Are you still with me?

If I'm honest, I'd rather buy the higher end products I already love when I want to buy them. I also believe that for some, you pay for the packaging, I know I certainly do especially when it comes to Guerlain. I also don't feel there is a wide enough range of products to make the monthly subscription worth it. I love the idea and the concept but unfortunately it just isn't for me.

Have you heard of Beauty Pie? What do you think?

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